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1,000, 000 Dead Children

March 13th, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

One million children have died needlessly during the last month. Over this time I have not engaged in the world in my usual way, taking apart politics and economics from a Buddhist and anarchist perspective. I have not written any inspiring pieces, listened to media and commented , nor lambasted our woefully inadequate politicians for their lack of gusto and guts.

Of course, none of that would have saved any of those children either. What I have been doing is getting strongly attached to a woman I have not yet even met in the “real” world. My deepest sense of this relationship is that it will be a long-lasting and beneficial match. We are both intelligent, articulate Buddhists with more than our fair share of fight in us. If it works out when we meet, which is not obvious, it will lead to a deep and committed relationship.

The path as a Buddhist is remarkably different for a householder with all the concomitant relationships and obligations. The Buddha said “The householders life is a life of narrow restriction”. It also brings a host of different opportunities for practice, compassion, understanding, intimacy and much more.

The Buddha himself became a wandering ascetic searching for truth only after he had discharged his responsibilities as a householder. I expect my ‘becoming a Buddha’ project will now change shape somewhat, always given the proviso that we are not allergic or physically unattractive to each other. Certainly I will not have the freedom I have previously enjoyed of, at least in principle, being able to up sticks and take off at any moment.

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