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Bird Flu – Epidemic of Stupidity in Full Flow 30,000 Deaths Expected Today.

October 20th, 2005 No comments

The conspiracy theorists will surely have a field day with it and the media are in full-flow bullshit mode on the subject, having smelled the fumes of an overheated public in danger of panic. It’s the bird-flu, coming to a chicken near you and waiting to kill your kids.

What is the truth about the subject is impossible in some senses to say. There are some things we can be reasonably certain of. Pandemics happen – they are a natural part of biological evolotion on both a microscopic level and amongst populations of large animals (including people). Aids is a pandemic in Africa right now killing millions and ruining the lives of millions more and the economic prospects of many nations.

The bird flu cannot be caught by humans directly, as far as anyone knows. Generally pigs have to get invloved as a vector. The pig, unfortunate beast, is susceptible to both human and avian flu’s. In the pig the viruses have a chance to mix genes in a bit of random microbial hanky panky. In the mix, sometimes, a new variant is born. This might infect birds or humans. If it infects humans it might contain some of the features that make the bird variant so deadly or it might not.

Over the past hundred and fifty years or so that man developed chemistry and the chemical war on microbes and viruses, we have won some temporary respite over natures ravages. We have also created frankensteins bacteria by making chemical-soup of the environment. These things make the viruses and stuff that survive even stronger. Thus we get stuff like MRSA where the r stands for resistant and the m for the name of an antibiotic.

For the entire future of life on this planet new diseases will emerge. The more man tries to wage war by chemistry the stronger they will get. Most of the benefits of healthy living come from careful diet and basic hygiene. Basic hygiene accounts for more improvements in health than all our chemistry and medicine.

30,000 children will die of starvation today.

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Nothing to Say: to close down?

October 18th, 2005 No comments

In the email inbox yesterday was an annual renewal notice for this domain. has been in existence for two years now and has garnered a lot of passer-by type readers and a few regulars. I thank them all for their generous donation of time in reading wehatever scrapings from the plate of life I post here. Once in a while positive feedback has even convinced me I have something worthwhile to say.

In the meantime I am discovering that I have less and less to say. In part this is a function of the general boredom of a life ruled by ill-health but largely it is because I am starting to see how conditioned all my reactions and responses are, not just in my writing but in many aspects of daily life.

As I learn more about me and being buddhist I realise that a fuller commitment to meditation and deeper understanding is what I need. I am not as realised and washed clean as I could be. Most things I say and do are coloured with the traces of a past I do not know and reactions to it I do not understand. In the circumstances I am coming to the conclusion that I have nothing of much deep value to say.

Publishing this website is too much of an open invitation to my ego to play ball. And although sayings such as ‘don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater’ come to mind, in this case there is no baby, there is no bathwater, and soon there will probably be no more as I am contemplating dropping the whole project, letting the domain name lapse, and taking to the forest.

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