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Stop The War !

April 20th, 2006 No comments

“I need to love George Bush and the FBI, they need to love Osama Bin Laden, Palestine and European “lefties”: we all need to stop the war.”

Is the above, written on the 29th October 2004, true? Is it that simple? If we all learn to love each other will peace prevail? What “love” would this be? Are there different “kinds” of love?

Questions, questions. Answers, answers: Yes – it is that simple; Yes – peace can prevail; the “love” of “going beyond oneself” to serve another is that which works; and, Yes – there are many “kinds” of “love” some are downright painful and some are purer than a vacuum in space.

You have to learn fast when you do dumb stuff.

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We Live In A Mad World: What Is A Sane Response?

April 5th, 2006 No comments

I say we live in a mad world. What do I mean? I mean that the way we collectively organise things is nothing short of insane. The three main products of our economics are work, waste and weapons. There is a little wealth generated, but this is guarded closely by a select few bloodlines who have held ownership over earth for generations.

My “Sane Response” to this has been that I have recently “adopted” a seventeen year old kid who had been left to fend for herself in this mad city, lost between a mother who could not care in the right way and a father who didn’t care properly. She’s a great kid, though I doubt she or many or many of the people who know or knew her would believe it. She was heading in all the wrong directions lost in a world she had no clue about.

It has been a strange journey learning to parent a seventeen year old from scratch in a very short time. I came to know this girl through her ex boyfriend who is a friend of mine. Her father sometimes refused to pay the rent on a flat for her so she got kicked out. She was reduced to a choice of ex lovers and casual acquaintances who could offer no safety or security and, it seems, all at the price of access to her body.

I offered to let her stay here with only a few basic rules: no stealing, no lying, no bringing people here without asking – and never strangers – and that she use her time here as a base to start building things in a better way for herself. That I let up to her pretty much, though I answer any question she has with appropriate information or guidance if I can, and she has already changed beyond recognition after four days here.

People say teenage girls are the hardest children to deal with. To be honest, so far, my nephews nappies take the medal hands down. I am not without experience in between these extremes, though not personally a parent. The kid i am looking after is more woman than child, by a very long way, but still she is in some ways just a little girl. Wish me luck, I must be mad.

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