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May 17th, 2007 No comments

There are three small birds
Perched in a tree
In my little garden
Looking At me

One little bird
Flies up in the sky
And circles round the garden
With me in his little eye

The other little birds
Still in the tree
Clean little feathers
And sing happily

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Thomas The Tank Engine II

May 9th, 2007 No comments

At last. Finished the poster.

 The photographer had six feet. Amazing. :D

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Thomas The Tank Engine I

May 8th, 2007 No comments

A friend asked me to do a poster. It’s her nephews birthday coming up and they are having a party. I like doing things for other people. Sometimes little things like this. Sometimes other, bigger things. It’s the same family for whom I made arrangements for their cousin to have free reconstructive surgery to free her from the worst effects of having her face burned off with acid. She’s well happy now as she has eyerbrows and lips and can see out of both eyes. Next off they are trying to restore her hearing.

I like doing things for other people because that is the most rewarding feeling in the world for me. To know I have helped. And I like doing things well. I was asked for a poster for a five year olds party … and that is what they will get. :)

It’s not quite finished yet. The black paint has to go on the wheels and firebox and coal and roof. Then the carriages to paint. His aunt will stick the words “Happy Birthday X” on the carriages after they are painted, cut out from paper.

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Parliamentary Health Committee: “Consultants Have Power Without Accountability”

May 8th, 2007 No comments

The Parliamentary Health Committee session on the “new” consultants contract within the NHS grabbed my attention on BBC Parliament as I scanned the TV channels today. What was being said shockingly backs what I have written here about the fault lines within the National Health Service.

The Chairman of the committee quoted a National Audit Office report to the committe “Consultants have power without accountability and managers have accountability without power”. Mr Williams MP quoted another report saying “Consultants have told us that they have a natural tendancy to support each other”. Yes, it’s called “Doctors Etiquette” – and it regularly kills people.

“Power without accountability” is exactly why what I have written below is being allowed to happen – not just to me but throughout the health service. You may find it hard to believe but that does not make a word of it untrue. “Consultants have power without accountability”. Read that again – it is frightening. Earlier I wrote “It is time doctors stopped protecting each other and pretending they are godlike, admitted their faults and engaged patients as equals. Then physical symptoms might not be ignored and lives might not needlessly be ruined.” This is the sort of damage that power without accountability leads to.

From “Humanitarian Plea: Can You Or Someone You Know Help?”, “The body of evidence that I am now being deliberately denied medical care in the UK is now overwhelming. Perhaps this is to protect reputations of these doctors who early misdiagnosed my situation without proper investigation, perhaps the reasons are more nefarious. I do not say this lightly and have documented evidence”. This is a situation that could only develop under a regime where consultants have “Power with no accountability”.

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