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What Is Mad? What Is Sane? And, Most Importantly, Who Is The Judge?

August 3rd, 2007 No comments

Someone asked me if I was “mental”.

Actually I’m not “mental” strictly speaking though I am a Crazy Wisdom Guru of the Karma-Kagyu and Nyingma Lineages of Tibbetain Buddhism. For those whose minds inhabit traditional patterns of sanity my thinking can seem “mental”, i’ll admit.

I was taking the “p” out of science and Lorreal: science doesn’t understand why “light” travels through some “things” and not others because we don’t really understand what “things” or “light” are for a start. Which would be a good beginning!

I was called a child prodigy in maths and physics which made it boring. Instead I sought out dope, girls and discovered out how to blow up the schools first computer by making the seriel port turn and off so damn quick it played a tune on a relay “Land of hope and glory”

… getting those tones right using “for-next loops” in basic to slow it down was a long job … I hear it now …”beeeeeep beeeeeep beeep beeep beeep beeeeeeeep beeeeep” and the refrain from my computer teacher “turn that F***ing thing off before it …”


Computer lessons were less fun after that. While the school saved up for a new one, we went back to sending punch cards through the post and and getting them back a week later with a printout that said “Error on card 1″. The feeling this gave us was only slightly better than the feeling we had after another week when the report said “error on card 2″. Debugging was a slow proces back then and we all had lice anyway so pointless.

However .. I digress …

I was also indeed, mimicking the style and Genius of that now-so-sadly-lost-to-us GOD of comedy, Monsieur Milligan, who’s poems lighted up my childhood like a very bling sign saying:


And as you like his poems so much, here’s another:

A baby sardine saw his first submarine,
And swam to look through a peephole,
“Come come”, said his mum, don’t be so glum,
It’s only a tin – full of people.

Peace + thanks for the rep + some back for your appreciation of Spike. May god toast him quickly.


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