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MRI Defecating Proctogram: The Proof Of A pudding Is In it’s Eating.

September 30th, 2007 No comments

Well they did an “MRI Defecating Proctogram” at University College Hospital. I’ve put a video of the results on youtube. I can’t get the damn thing to embed though so you’ll have to click this link to watch it. (no you won’t keep reading :) )

What it shows quite clearly – something I have said all along – is that I do not have proper enervation to my pelvic floor and rectum. You can see that the force to evacuate my bowel comes from my diaphragm pushing my other organs and intestines down into my bladder and rectum to evacuate the radioctive goo they injected into my jacksy. Hold up, might have Youtube sussed:

Woot! Woot! got it working …. oh yeah .. so back to the story ….

Look at the top right of the picture thats where the momentum and energy is generated to achieve evacuation of my bowel. The force squishes my rectum shut like squishing water from a plastic bag.

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From Kate Nash: Mouthwash

September 29th, 2007 No comments

This is my face, I’ve got a thousand opinions and not the time to explain
And this is my body, and no matter how you try and disable it, I’ll still be
And, this, is my mind, and although you try to infringe you cannot confine
And, this, is my brain, and even if you try and hold me back there’s nothing
that you can gain

Because I use mouthwash
Sometimes I floss
I got a family
And I drink lots of tea

I’ve got nostalgic don’t know
I’ve got familar faces
I’ve got a mixed-up memory
And I’ve got favourite places

And I’m sitting at home on a Friday night (2x)
And I’m sitting at home on a Friday night and I hope everything’s going to be alright (2x)

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Patientline Treading On Human Rights: What A Fecking* Lame Excuse.

September 27th, 2007 No comments

The use of the word feck* was the problem … yeah … If you read this from a bed on a Patientline system go search google for feck* or try wikipedia.

They can all use feck* but I can not? Doesn’t make sense sorry -lame, lame, lame.

Also does not explain why one site I own got blocked as it contained a blank hosting page from my reputable webhost.

Like I said lame. If Patientline wish to respond, the lovely lady is welcome to register with and leave a comment.

* U know what I mean: if you don’t search google for feck, the first page at explaiains it.


Patientline Relent: Lame Excuses

September 26th, 2007 No comments

A lovely lady from Patientline returned my call. She was very efficient. She listened to what I had to say and she resolved this hiccup. It was blamed on a story linking to a satirical website. It did not include any explanation as to why all four domains, including one hosting a blank page, were “taken out” in one hit.

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Protected: University College Hospital, Metropolotian Police Corruption and Patientline: Subverting Human Rights.

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