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Government, “We The People”, And The Truth About Language And The Nature Of Government.

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A synonym for being awake used by the Buddha was “beyond conditioned existence”. We grow up in a matrix of social, cultural and family values which we imbibe through the acquisition of language in early childhood. When we become speaking beings we lose a connection to the core nature of reality as we are progressively symbolising our experience through language and the interpretation of life within this linguistic matrix, or through it’s lens.

The socio-linguistic matrix we live in and the some of the conditioned lies about the nature of reality that have been built into it over centuries are nicely debunked by this guy:


Free Security Software – No Need to Pay, No Excuses: Antivirus, Firewall and Antispyware.

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Viruses, Hackers, Trojans all rely on people not being scrupulous about their (Windows, by and large) PC’s health. It is simple, free and will take 2 hours to set up then 1 hour weekly to maintain and secure your PC.

No excuse is good enough. It is not YOURinfected PC’s health that matters, it is YOUR friends that suffer. They are bombarded with viruses, scam attacks, phishing and all other nasties and all because you, a lazy PC owner does not think or act.

Do this:

You must complete all steps before using the computer or the internet for anything else:

1/ download:

Zonealarm Free Firewall. Damn Good Product.

Adaware SE Personal Free Anti-Advertising, Tracking, Spyware.

antivir Free Antivirus by H+BEDV Datentechnik GmBH. Top-Notch. Regularly updated, German technology.

Malwarebytes – Another anti-spyware, anti-trojan, antihacker software and a diamond product like Adaware – Two is better than one – in this area only. This recommendation has been updated from Spybot Search & Destroy which unfortunately is no longer the stalwart it was.

2/ Disconnect from the internet. Only reconnect when an installation asks to update andthen use for no other purpose until all scans, including double-Spybot s&d if needed in step 7, are complete.

3/ Uninstall your existing antivirus & firewall and turn off windows XP firewall.

4/ Reboot.

5/ Install Antivir. Let it run through, including full scan. Check out program options, get familiar: it is your new antivirus: It is free, regularly updated and works really well.

6/ Install Zonelalarm, your new really excellent free firewall. Do not install the full version on trial – Install the basic version from day one. The other software here protects you from the rest of the stuff.

Normally Zonealarmwill silently protect you, in the background mostly, letting you know if anything really bad starts to happen and asking if you want certain things to happen from time to time.

Zonealarm will tell you when an update is available. Install it.

6/ Install and run Adaware SE Personal. This program defeats advertising software, tracking software, dataminers, trojans, cookies – allsorts of nasties. Update it and run it once a week. When you run the scan for the first time it will come up with a lot of nasties. Don’t worry. Just right click any item in the list, chose “select all” from the list by left clicking on it, then delete them all. Do the same on your weekly scan, you want none of it.

7/ Install and run Malwarebytes. It does much the same as adaware – Both run once a week keeps you really safe. Do the same in all respects as with Adaware: Update and run once a week; Delete everything it comes up with. The first time and other scans it might at the end say it could not fix all problems: Say Yes when it asks to run at boot-up/startup. Then, when finished running, reboot/restart the computer and it will run immediately – run through and fix all.

8/ Connect to the net, connect to Windows Update and install updates. If you never did this it can take a while, especially on a slow connection and might require one or two reboots – don’t bother if yours is an illegal windows XP, it won’t work, and anything pre windows-98 is history.

Don’t forget. Update and run Windows Update, and full scans using Antivir, Adaware & Malwarebytes once a week. You’ll be safe as houses my friend. Once a month do windows update as well, you’ll be safer than most people you know.


Dear American Citizens,

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Dear American Citizens,

The world hates you and it is not your fault. It is the political and monetary elite of America and what they have done to your country and the world that has lead to this situation.

If you want the world to stop hating you then you have to eat less, use less, pay your bills and elect honest politicians – I am so sorry you just made the big mistake in not electing Ron Paul and fell instead for the Skull and Bones backed Barack Obama. Change is coming alright, but Barack’s hands will not be near any real levers of power. And the change you want is not the change you will see. Here is why. He will be surrounded by Skull and Bonesmen who will be doing the real decision making:

Your government has been making plans as to what to do when the shit hits the fan and you can no longer buy groceries. They have brainwashed you since the Skull and Bones sponsored bombings of September 11th, 2001 into accepting a near total dilution of your civil rights. They have placed you under surveillance for you can not be trusted.

Skull and Bonesmen (and since 1992 women) call the rest of us “Barbarians”. They form the core of behind the scenes power-mongering in the United States of America that is linked in to the power elites of the world. The well-established links between the Bush and Bin-Laden families is well known but the links are far more profound.

These power elites truly see themselves as above the rest of humanity. How else could they see the world? That was how they were raised. They see their job as to control us and in their modern incarnation they have been doing this with quite uninterrupted success since the puppet President Ronald Reagan was elected. Skull and Bonesman George Bush Snr who had formerly run the CIA would have been president years earlier if it had not been for the shot that narrowly missed killing the President. This was the plan all along.

Since 1988, three Yale graduates have led the United States. George Bush Sr and Bill Clinton both attended the university, though the latter was not tapped to be a Bonesman. This Yale succession is historic. Never before have three (or even two) successive US presidents studied at the same university.

Alexandra Robbins, managed to penetrate the wall of silence in her book, “Secrets of the Tomb,” reported CBS News Correspondent Morley Safer, in a 2004 article:

The Bush family has been associated with Skull and Bones for generations. Prescott Bush, George W’s grandfather (1917) was a member of the band that stole for the society what became one of its most treasured artefacts: a skull that was said to be that of the Apache chief Geronimo, though this was later found to be untrue.

George Herbert Walker Bush (1948) was also a Bonesman.

Alexandra Robbins, author of Secrets of the Tomb: Skull and Bones, the Ivy League, and the Hidden Paths of Power, said George W was “a somewhat ambivalent” Bonesman (links to original).

Alexandra Robbins admitted she was a member of one of Yales secret societieswhen interviewed about her book that made the Skull and Bones look like a good ol’ frat house. In one interview she let slip the following:

“Absolutely,” says Robbins. “You know, they say, they say the motto at Yale is, ‘For God, for country, and for Yale.’ At Bones, I would think it’s ‘For Bones.’”

She should know – because what she failed to tell the world is how she really got to know all this stuff. That’s right she’s a Skull and Boneswoman. And that is why she published the sanitised, puppy-dog, Skull and Bonesmen love you, history of the Bonesmen that she did. If she had not been in the society, the three hundred phone calls she says she made to members would have resulted in a car accident long before publication.

So what do the Bonesman have planned for you. Well its all in a name: “Barbarian” – they plan to civilise you through coercion, brainwashing, blackmail and eventually a global police state they want to export to the rest of us. That is why I am writing this open letter to my fellow human beings in the United states of America.

Act now to save yourselves before the world acts to save ourselves from you.

CAPITOL HILL (AP) — The House has held a closed session for the first time in 25 years, discussing a hotly contested surveillance bill.

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Why Industry And Banks Should Not Get Bailouts.

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An interesting round table discussion where Peter Schiff, President of Euro-Pacific Capital, explains exactly why the bailouts are a mistake: They save unsuccessful firms and uneconomical jobs at the cost of successful firms and economical jobs:


Bye Bye My American Pie: You Didn’t Taste Too Good Anyway.

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This video gives good insight into why the dollar will collapse:

I explained here in 2004 why this would happen, and again here in 2007, as well as more recent articles here and here this year.

Fundamentally the US dollar as the worlds reserve currency is on it’s way out because it has been devalued yet artificially propped up to an extent where it is creating unbearable global financial tensions. These can not be undone unless the rest of the world is prepared to continue to pay for America’s corporate and Government colonialism, false economic and social values – and their unpopular warmongering.

It turns out that the rest of the world is going to turn around and sticks two financial fingers in the direction of the USA. Asian economies have started the trend to de-pegging currencies from the dollar. There is a big push in this direction in the middle East too. If Europe does not follow suit soon we will be the losers whilst those who decouple from the US will win.

The US treasury has virtually given the GCC governments the go-ahead to dump the dollar and track a basket of currencies.

Most central banks do not want this to happen. They fear the devaluation of their dollar denominated “investments” (read worthless pieces of paper or numbers in a computer). They are afraid of global financial collapse.

Bad luck guys. We are in a global financial collapse, it has been a long time coming and the rest of the world is waking up to the fact that it is not just the American currency, but the American social, political and economic model we must de-couple from. The dollar investments ARE worthless – the US has no chance of ever paying it’s debts. It is bankrupt.

What are they going to do? Print more dollars to pay the debt? They can not – every time they print a dollar at the federal reserve it creates a one dollar debt at the treasury. You can’t print your way out of too much printed money.

So we have to de-couple from the USA. If we do not do so we will get dragged down the pan with them. The UK, being lead by some of the most profoundly ignorant people having been educated in outdated institutions, places great and unearned trust in America. We are less likely to decouple from America than other countries – not least because the US security apparatus have a lot of very messy information on our politicians, bigwigs, royal family and such they have gathered over many years.

The UK pound is taking a bashing because we are perceived to be one of the most stupid countries in the world in that we are least likely and will be the latest acting in decoupling ourselves from the US model. The last out will be the worst affected.

My advice to Gordon Brown: Tell Obama that he needs to impeach and imprison the former presidents Bush I, Bush II (AKA limited functionality version), and vice president Cheney. It is essential they are in solitary for the second stage to work and he can use his powers as President to name them as “Enemy Combatants”, giving him the power to imprison them in solitary for three years.

Then he must nationalise the Federal Reserve or the bankers will just pull the rug from under him.

Next start a real investigation into 9/11 – in the knowledge that the FBI, FEMA, CIA, NSA and other security apparatus of the US Government, though nominally under his watch will still be controlled by agents of the Bush family, and can thus not be trusted at all. Promote all US defence staff and security staff to whistle-blow and provide a means for them to do so and security measures for them.

Then the truth might come out as to why a cabal of the oil rich, bankers and politicians ordered the 9/11 attacks, preparing the US people for the removal of their civil rights – to which they have happily succumbed – on the whole.

It might be messy but it is better to have an honest mess than a dishonest mess. At least you know what you are dealing with. As long as we play the “Ostrich game” we may as well have our heads buried in the shape-shifting quick-sand that is “US Government policy”.

Axel Merk talking on Bloomberg about the fall of the US Dollar and de-pegging of currencies:

So why is it ABSOLUTELY IMPERATIVE we must decouple politically and economically as soon as possible from the USA? Simply put: the American social and economic model has lead to the most greedy and selfish nation in the world (the US uses 30% of world resources and has 6% of the world population), the most aggressive nation in the world (US Aircraft carriers displace more water than the rest of the world’s combined), and the most politically corrupted system anywhere in the world (in the last seven years the Bush administration has rewritten and nullified the US constitution through back door get out clauses).

This selfish, greedy, aggressive and corrupt nation will pull us down with it – in an attempt to save themselves – at our cost. It is already happening. Foreign central banks have pumped billions of US$ into the system to see them disappear into black smoke. Now there have already been complaints that US commercial banks are using the bail-out money to create asset backed debt instruments packed with crap loans expressly to sell to foreign central banks. This is a direct attempt to export more American ignorance in the form of packaged loans. Luckily the Central banks are onto this already.

If they put one cent into these “assets” they are adding to your personal debt. Wherever you are in Europe your Government has made you personally indebted to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars this year alone – irrespective of your own financial thrift, you are now a debtor. Let’s not let this situation continue one day longer.

Instead let’s face the music and dance: It is time for the US dollar to fall. It is time for the US people to consume much less. It is time for the small cabal of international bankers and politicians that have deliberately manipulated and created this situation – in order to profit from it – to be placed behind bars whilst we unravel the unholy mess they have tried to drop on our doorsteps.