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A Message To Davos: How To Solve The Credit Crunch.

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Solving the credit crunch means moving from a debt/credit and poverty/wealth based economic paradigm to a new one that encompasses recognition of the world’s environmental limits and an embodiment of the fact that all human lives are of equal value (this is the biggest lie to overcome: that rich people are “better” people – they are not, just look at the British Royal Family).

1. United Nations to start taxing all moneys kept in tax havens. Blockade tax havens (physically and their communications) who do not comply and imprison any individual trying to escape the law or trying to aid others in escaping the law.

2. Wealth limits: These are, long term, an ecological imperative so let’s use it now to advantage: 1 house, 1 car per person. No private jets allowed. No individual allowed more than £1 million in liquid assets. All else seized to clear debts.

3. Debt write-offs.  All further bail out money should be issued directly to consumers to wipe out debt. No further debt created in the name of taxpayers that is not used to directly alleviate debt of taxpayers.

4. One current account and one savings account per person.

5. Banks must return to accepting deposits and making loans. All the icing in the cake has squashed the cake – if you can’t see that you are stupid.

Of course none of this would be poular with those attending Davos. The people who were there last year and not this year are hiding – generally not because they are suffering from this credit crunch – but profiting from it. They are too ashamed to go. They would hate the above. But it would work.

We would suffer two years of troubled economic times followed by a proper non-debt based economy emerging thereafter. As opposed to ten years of troubled times with nobody knows what emerging afterwards.

At the moment everything that is being done is making governments poorer whilst the rich get richer. And as the rich do not pay taxes (see 1. above) it means we, the people, will be paying them for them for years to come (as usual and as per their plan).

Gordon Brown: Please stop pussying around and get on with it. You may be under threat from America if you don’t toe the line: stop being stupid because once they have emptied our government’s coffers you will be dropped so drop them first. Let America sink, reprice Oil in Euros’s: start the trend by passing an immediate law that say Brent Crude must be priced in Euro’s. That will help us get into the Euro within the year at a decent exchange rate and help us decouple from America before the end of 2009.

You promised to close down tax loopholes for the rich when Blair was elected instead you have been clinging to their coat-tails. Stop it now you stupid child and tax these people – because they are behind the trouble, have made billions from war and now are laughing at your small minded attempts to prop things up. They are counting on you being stupid and inactive in this way and you … you are delivering for them.

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