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A Perfect Spine?

April 17th, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

Last week I returned from California with 3D scans of my body as I knew I was getting nowhere fast with the NHS and wanted to help them along with a little evidence.

Unfortunately the spinal surgeon I saw last week claimed he was unable to open the disk on any of the computers in the department so they couldn’t look at them Instead they took three X rays .. an Axial and Lateral Plane whole spine and one of my pelvis. I was told all is fine.

In fact the twists and turns (scoliosis) in my spine are worsening noticeably very quickly as all the supporting muscular structures progressively fail. This image shows nicely what is happening in one part of my spine, the Thoracic – i.e relating to chest.


Interestingly you can also see from this why my spine is so stressed and all over the place … my shoulder blades are in the wrong place as all the muscles in the back of my body have stopped working bit by bit. My chest has collapsed as my shoulders have collapsed over the front of my chest.

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