May 5th, 2011


The world can throw spanners at you all the time – how you react or respond to them is the defining feature of your life path.”

Matthew, AKA “The Irreverent Buddhist” writes from a Buddhist perspective on subjects ranging from the deeply personal to the thoroughly political.

This is the sixth most Irreverent website in the world – according to Google. Actually the five ranked higher are all dictionary definitions of “Irreverent” so if you search the scroogle scraper for ‘irreverent – definitions … yip, you just landed on the most irreverent website in the world.

People ask why “Irreverent”? – that’s easy – Not caring for old laws or the thoughts of dead men, nor for how things “should be” – if we are honest then how things are is much more interesting and helpful. Religious or cultural sensitivity is killing our world in the name of lies. Debunking lies and mystery – be it in the realm of politics, religion or any other field requires a certain “irreverence” … and there is much to not revere in this world.

The truth is the truth is the truth, and that is to be revered and sought out – in oneself and the world. Everything else deserves an irreverent press – as we have lived too long under the oppression of reverence for the lies of powerful yet mostly dead men.

Having formerly worked as a merchant banker, stockbroker, financial publisher, ski resort manager and chef, Matthew became a Buddhist under his preceptor, Her Emminence Jetsun Khandro Rinpoche in 1999. Now Matthew is physically disabled as a result of being gang raped by paedophiles for the first 11 or so years of his life – and deliberate witholding of medical treatment by the British Medical Establishment for nearly five years.

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