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Allen & Overy Taking An Interest In Human Rights? Yes – And Pigs Really Do Fly.

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The big-hitting city law firm Allen & Overy took a good look at freedomforall.net earlier this week. I know Allen & Overy well as they often used to work for me in my former life as a merchant banker. They are very good at what they do.

Their interest in freedomforall.net is probably in relation to Dr Richard Marley, Consultant Hepatologist at The Royal London hospital, and, I guess, a client of theirs. He is one of a number of doctors who have failed in their duty of care towards me. Last July he discharged me from the Royal london after I had endured a two week ‘hotelling’ there (bed, food – attrocious as it happens, no medicine – it must have been a cheap hotel).

I shall never forget the words he used “Mr Jee your problems are too complex for us to deal with so we are discharging you”. Not “Mr Jee your problems are too complex so have organised to transfer you to a half-decent hospital”, or some other such thing that would have made sense. No, I had an outpatient appointment coming up at the RNOH in Stanmore, that would do. It was the first and only time I had met Dr Marley despite my being under his “care” at the hospital for over a week.

Knowing – as he should have done from the team of Dr Mike Glynn – that relations between the Consultant in charge of my care at the RNOH, Dr Joseph Cowan, and myself had broken down irretrievably, Dr Marley should have acted with greater care. However it seems he may have been blinded from doing so by allegiance to higher authorities or colleagues or the fact the two of his hospitals nurses had physically assaulted me creating a somewhat difficult situation.

Other than that his involvement in my case is something I can only guess at and as such I realise I have made some assertions in my recent posts that are too strong to be supportable, especially given the will and ability of doctors to back each other up at all costs (and seemingly at any cost to their patients).

I therefore appologise unreservedly to Dr Marley for any errors I have made in print. I have carefully reviewed my recent posts and edited them to ensure their factual accuracy with regards to Dr Marley’s involvement. I am quite certain there is nothing left here that Allen & Overy or their client can take exception to. If there is I am sure they will be kind enough to draw my attention to it so that I can review my editorial judgements in the light of such information.

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