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America Planning to Invade Iran?

January 18th, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

Investigative reporter Seymour Hersh has confirmed something that freedomforall.net predicted back in November last year. America is planning and preparing to invade or destroy the military capability of Iran.

There is a dangerous combination of personalities at work. A dry-drunk president who has tried and failed to win the love of his father by invading Iraq finds his mind meeting with that of Rumsfeld/Wolfowitz, the cold-war dinosaurs. They, so simplistic, are stuck in the win/lose them/us dualities of neanderthal human thinking.

That the world has moved on, that the turning point has been reached, where only win/win non-dualistic ecopolitics can aid human survival is beyond their understanding. Principally because they have delineated such thinking into the ‘bad’ camp, they can not possibly make the leap into the modern world so essential now.

They will only add to the negative influences in the world should they undertake this foolhardy mission. They will create more terrorism and more hatred, violence and fear.

Why would they do this? Because a world constantly at war with itself is a world that needs men like them to continue. They are unknowingly creating the disasters that will prove, in the short-term, their vision to be correct. In the long-term of course, these dinosaurs and dry-drunks can only lose. Knowing this in the back of their minds makes them very unsafe. We need to be prepared for more and more obtuse examples of their dangerous thinking and consequent action.

The American people made a great mistake in putting George W Bush and his bully-boy henchmen back in charge. I hope the American people gather their instincts and galvanise themselves to action which makes it clear to these fools that they do not wish for more war. It is not as if the dead from the war in Iraq have stopped flowing yet.

From Two Wars for the Price of One? freedomforall.net, Saturday, November 20, 2004: ‘And Mr. Bush, shut in the whitehouse and increasingly alone, thinking up ways to save his image. The worst excesses of dry-drunk thinking could be displayed, “Hell, why not do Iran while we’re over there? – two wars for the price of one”.’

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