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And Still The Rain Comes Down.

August 19th, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

I stood watching the day go by from the window, And the rain came down. Little drops froze in space then jumped backwards as the wind whipped round the corner of the building and dragged them off course. Trying to hold myself on course I meditate as August turns quickly to autumn. The mind doesn’t clear itself unless the right conditions are found. Thoughts drag us off course just like the raindrops. We learn when we pay attention and become more adept. We become stronger and more steadfast.

The rain doesn’t stop falling nor the wind blowing yet these things stop being the influence they were. The habits they triggered become unwoven from the fabric of the person, unweaving and weakening its structure in turn. Each time a habit is experienced and turned around that part of us which grows towards truth grows bolder. And still the rian comes down yet we do not feel bothered by it. It is.

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