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And With the Other Hand the Universe Giveth Too.

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In pre-Buddhist days I also sold a bit of Advertising space on the side. I did some quality work. Each week I rose on Monday morning, showered and dressed, then ate breakfast. At nine I started work from my parents living room, aiming to earn two to four hundred quid as quickly as possible. The longest it ever took was until eleven thirty. Then I stopped work for the week. I had enough money in two and a half hours.

Once I made two calls to Germany and at ten thirty that morning my bank account was credited with £1,800.oo for me to play with. I bought a microwave for my mum the same colour as her kitchen. And didn’t work for ten weeks. I had enough. I was not always such a simple liver though. My ex and I earned a joint income of sixty one thousand pounds in 1994. Did we save? Did we hell. Taxi’s were always more fun than saving and restaurants saved on washing up too.

Anyway, the riches all disappeared as quickly as they appeared and recently I became a charity case, literally. NABS, the Marketing Industry charity have helped me with some painful outstanding debts and help towards some treatments. What with the generous assistance of the Clerks Fund, I feel really blessed and not financially as insecure as I did.

And then …. then …. No, I shouldn’t keep talking about Nicole here but ….

What a bountiful universe we seem to live in when you learn to just accept things and let go and be open…

ps. My new rocking chair will arrive soon from America.

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