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anger and ignorance

I haven’t posted to my site for nearly a month. During that time I have been experiencing the most horrible dissolution of the body. Much of the work I had undertaken in healing my body over the past three years has slowly unwound. My shoulders have rolled round to the front of my chest, all the muscles in my back have stopped working and my diaphragm is trapped on both sides. Breathing is difficult.

For two years I have been struggling to get healthcare from doctors who show only ignorance and misunderstanding. I have made things worse with my anger. Now I am trying not to be angry with them because I need them more than ever.

A difficult recovery has been made into a lengthy physical rehabilitaton by their ignorance. I made things worse by going to a Chiropracter out of frustration and then stopping treatment out of fear of what was happening.

If I am unlucky now I will be in a wheelchair soon or dead. Writing my little old blog has not been something I can do because I realise I have nothing to say. And becasue sitting in a chair for more than two minutes is intensely painful. Back to bed. Wish me luck for Wednesday. Some tests and then soon after I will be admitted to hospital for three months or so. Probably a couple of ops and lots of physiotherapy.

If only these things had been investigated properly two and a half years ago a lot of my time and theirs and public money would have been saved. And a lot of my pain and anguish too. Try not to be angry at them Matthew, burn an effigy instead or something.

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