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Apocalypse, Climate Change and Wealth Limits

February 7th, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

Thanks to Sujartin for her report Apocalypse Now which offers a chilling wake up call. The fact is that our planet cannot support what we are doing. It is essential that simpler living become the norm. In this regard Mr Blair is barking at the wrong end of the social spectrum with his recent attacks on invalidity benefits.

Quite simply, it is better for the world that these people live simply and cheaply than go to work. The economic problem is not too little work but too much wealth in the hands of a few. It is time for the ecological solution to be named and outed for once and for all. We will have to enact wealth limits and remove the wealth from those that have it. By redistributing wealth in this manner the wealthy will use less and the recipients of redistribution will gain enough to live simply without undertaking further damaging “economic” activity.

The biggest lie in our world is the sham economics of “me first”. Economia, the art of keeping house, is a greek word. If our economics destroys planet earth’s ability to support us as it looks increasingly likely to do, what value or truth can there be in it. In a simple society with great equality and time to be human we would all have much less and be much happier than in our overblown materialistic time-bomb society.

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