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It was suggested by a well-intentioned “Buddhist” – although rather unhelpfully – in response to my most recent post that money could not solve my problems. I should, instead of asking for help, aspire to be reborn as a rock and help all sentient “beans and beings”.

There is a lot of rather frightening magical-thinking in this of the kind the Buddha abhorred, as well as a rather backward trajectory in terms of conscious development: “Use this precious human life to become an unconscious material object”, is not a teaching I have ever heard. The magical thinking that your aspiration at death will condition your next life is certainly irrelevant and, I suspect, beyond the correspondent’s personal field of knowledge. The point is to strive diligently in this one to end craving and wake up so you can truly, practically, help others. You will also understand the Buddha’s teachings on the circle of life if you achieve this.

Reality in this case has many manifestations: 1/ the western medical practitioners I have met so far have pooh-poohed the reality of the physiological shock reaction that has resulted in serious injury to my body, 2/ the delays this has caused mean I now need their medicine as I almost certainly require some temporary or even permanent steel in my back to allow my body to heal, 3/ More delays will mean more harm, 4/ Our fantastic free British healthcare system can not cope well with anything a little unusual, 6/ I therefore need to pay for private orthopaedic surgery and post operative physical rehabilitation if I am to avoid being an expensive wheelchair bound burden on the rest of society for the rest of my life.

Aspiring to anything is another form of craving. Aspiring to another life rather than aspiring to full awakening in this one makes you not a Buddhist. The ego makes a decision to wipe itself clean when it becomes Buddhist. Undoing that Gordian knot is the process and the path. Aspiring to be a rock is frankly as dumb as a rock.

Practical solutions and alternatives are QUITE welcome. Mixed up schizophrenic mumbo-jumbo, NO THANKS.

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