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BBC and Government Compliance

The BBC news anchor asked the man in Washington “George Bush spoke very openly about any mistakes he may have made in Iraq. Were people surprised by that openness?”. George Bush said his gung-ho talk sych as “wanted dead or alive” was not helpful and that the biggest mistake was Abu Ghraib pronounced “Abu GaReb”.

I somehow doubt the people of the world consider that an open or full enough apology for their purposes. especially as he said it was still right to have faught the war and toppled Sadam. Mr Bush does not understand it is the deliberate lies and constructed false justification of war that means everything he has done since has been so disliked and distrusted. And the BBC reporter needs a slap with a wet fish, a la Monty Python, to raise her awareness of bias. There is a fishy smell of Government compliance about BBC morning television.

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