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BBC: “Stranger Danger A Myth”. Paedophiles At Home Are The Problem

During a BBC Breakfast discussion over a report on playground safety, one of the experts confirmed that “Stranger Danger” is a myth and represents no greater risk than ever before. So who is causing the damage and destruction wreaked on sexually abused children? People they know. It’s the paedophiles at home that are the risk, as I have written before.

Yet still governments including our own spend millions on stranger danger campaigns, prompted in part by cases such as the two innocent young victims of Ian Huntly. Yet even in this extremely well known case the victims were known to the killer. Most cases are quiter and more pernicious. Young girls and boys, infants and children, raped, orally abused, violated and invaded, night after night, by a man they have to sit and quietly play happy families with at breakfast in the morning.

How can this pernicious crime be faaught? Firstly by overcoming the denial of the subject inherent in the responses we see. These responses such as the misdirected campaigns of government and “False Memory Syndrome” propoganda of the mentally ill, are smokescreens hiding the truth and holding back the healing of this society wide sickness.

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