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BBC’s Pet Ostrich, Karen Nye, Squeaks About Credit Crunch And Hope: I.E “Banking Baloney”.

December 12th, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

A month ago, with many pundits crying doom and gloom, I cautioned that the economic figures didn’t back up the forecast.

Now, we are looking at a series of economic figures that are the worst since the early 1990s recession, the worst since the early 80s, and even the early 70s.

Let’s hope we don’t move on to comparing things to the worst since the 1930s; that really would be dramatic.

Karen Nye
Business Reporter, BBC News, New York

Oh yes let’s hope against hope that doesn’t happen. OOPS World economy ‘weakest since 30s’ – your colleagues are ahead of you. Come on woman – get your head out of the sand. A month ago the figures “did not support it” because …. figures are reported historically on the whole, and if you do not know what you are looking at you will be lost. As a “Business Reporter” one would expect some more … intelligence … to be shown to be at work about these issues.

Stop hoping for the impossible – Another story on the BBC page yours appears on already headlines “World Economy weakest since 30’s”. In a year the historical figures released will probably include your own job loss if you don’t start recognising the inevitable – and get yourself out of cloud cuckoo land.

Oh and it’s not a drama, even if dramatic – it’s for real. Real people losing real jobs, real houses and the ability to pay for real food and stuff. And it will get much worse. And the figures do support it but you are incapable at your job, simply put.

If you can not see what is before your eyes until some government body puts it on a historical piece of paper then stop pretending to be a “reporter” and get some business cards with “US Government mouthpiece” printed on them – and please stop misleading the public with your fallacious “views” and banking baloney.

Talking the markets up is the job of stockbrokers. Propping them up is the job of Government and friendly Sovereign Wealth funds, right now, (no one else is buying). Oh except those poor retail clients that listen to people like you !

Telling the public that stupid self-interested stockbrokers are falsely talking the market up and governments and wealth funds are falsely underpinning values is your job. Maybe you forgot you work for the BBC and thought for a moment you were on Fox? Unrealistic views of the heap of crap we are in will make things worse for those people silly enough to fall for hope and not see what is reality: Current market values merely reflect an attempt to make the crash happen more slowly.

If you think this harsh here are the stories linked on the page of Karen’s “reporting”: