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Big Brother Was Watching

December 20th, 2004 Leave a comment Go to comments

Big Brother was watching a little more closely than I would have wished, until this morning. My nieghbour took umbrance at the presence of the secret spy camera installed outside our flats and removed it.

He’s got a short fuse, my nieghbour, and having seen the camera last night, by this morning he knew he was ready to take direct action. We followed the cables back to their source. Which turned out to be the CCT Computer for the block we live in. We knew cameras followed us as far as the lifts. We did not know there was a camera following us to our front door.

We are waiting now for the man at the council to let us know what’s what. Our floor is the only one governed by such scrupulous security arrangements so I am sure there must be records of this sort of thing.

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