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Blair: Idiot or Just a plain Liar?

Tony Blair says the london bombings this week were not related to our participation in America’s colonial war on Iraq. Mr Blair clearly has a very limited understanding of either the world he lives in or the public to whom he sells his vision.

Britain was widely respected before we took part in that unjust war as a fundamentally decent and open and outward looking place. This contrasts starkly with the views of America that were and are prevelant. Had we not taken part in that oil-seeking war we would not have been bombed.

As we already know that Mr Blair and his colleagues deliberately constructed a tissue of lies about the war before it happened, the best assumption is that he is also now promoting fundamental mistruth as reality. In short we know you are not an idiot Mr Blair but we also know you are lying, however cleverly you wish to do so.

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