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Blog Trends – Who is the Liar?

October 24th, 2004 Leave a comment Go to comments

Is Bush the Liar or is Kerry the Liar? What do the bloggers think?

Blog Pulse Trend Analysis – Who is the liar?

Blog Pulse trend analysis of the phrases “Bush is a liar” and “Kerry is a liar” shows some interesting trends. George Bush has shown consistently higher ratings as a liar whilst he also shows very high peaks just after each of the televised debates. We all knew he did not perform well, this shows that even that poor performance is his accurate best.

Blog Pulse trend Analysis – Who is the good man

Meanwhile Kerry took a great shot in the arm after the final debate and that has yet to wear off. Clearly Bloggers collective impression is that Kerry is the better man. And interestingly, if we look at who bloggers think is evil, we see a much clearer distinction: Bush has outstripped Kerry consistently and by a wide margin. Dangerously for Kerry this trend is starting to merge. Will that continue to polling or will the overall margin be maintained? And will it be enough to remove the evil man from the white house? What? You don’t think Bush is evil? Clearly you have never heard of Cheney – the devil himself within the Bush camp.

Who is evil?

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