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Blunkett and the Eskimo Ice Queen Quinn

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Kimberly Quinn began her affair with David Blunket shortly after her Marriage to Stephen Quinn. At the time she was heard to complain bitterly of men and cheating – terrible things, both of them. That she was in bed with two men shows the total level of hypocrisy that Mrs Quinn is capable of.

David Blunkett has paid the price for crossing a woman he thought loved him. It was certainly naive of him to “look over” the visa application for Mrs Quinn’s nanny. At the end of the day, however, this was a convenient knife. Mrs Quinn gladly stabbed Mr Blunket in the back with it: to demoralise him, to threaten him into going away and leaving her “perfect” family intact.

“Ev’rybody’s building the big ships and the boats,

Some are building monuments,

Others, jotting down notes,

Ev’rybody’s in despair,

Ev’ry girl and boy

But when Quinn the Eskimo gets here,

Ev’rybody’s gonna jump for joy.

Come all without, come all within,

You’ll not see nothing like the mighty Quinn.”

Bob Dylan – Quinn the Eskimo (The Mighty Quinn)

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