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British Tsunami Dead and Government Lies

January 15th, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

Fifty one Britains are known to have died in the tsunami and another three hundred and fifty one are missing presumed dead. There are an additional five hundred and sixty eight Britains “unnacounted for”.

Britain was the only western European country not to announce a reasonably accurate figure quickly after the recent Tsunami and we have had to watch these figures mount over the past twenty days towards the higher figures we all had privately assumed. It was obvious from the beginning that the British Government had got their figures very wrong.

It is only now with these latest announcements that the British figure even vaguely approaches reality and still we have the unpleasant feeling that the Government cannot just say it straight: Over one thousand British died in this disaster.

There is a strong sense that this sums up what is wrong with Blair and his Government. This incessant need to spin every angle and to shine every facet of what is presented to the public has in this case made a mockery of the deaths of one thousand British Citizens.

Was the death count kept low to make Tony’s remaining on holiday not such a bad thing? Has the British Government told one lie too many now? Is it time, after all, for Blair to give up the reins and hand over to the better man, Gordon Brown? Freedom forall.net says yes, yes, yes.

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