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Buddhist Reflections in the Muddy Sea of a Post-Tsunami World

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There are specific lessons from Buddhism that can be reflected upon in the light of recent events. Some of these things may seem hard and cold yet when based in compassion their understandng leads to enhanced living.

  • Human life is precious and vulnerable
  • Rich and poor are subject to the same vagueries and certainties in life
  • Life and the material accoutrements thereto are subject to dissolution at any moment
  • Our attachments to people and places and things mean we will certainly suffer their loss at some time
  • Everything is subject to change
  • Changes in one thing lead to changes in others – causation or karma
  • There is no Creator God loving and caring for you
  • No Religion, Rites or Ritual will save you

This is all part of the very hopeful message that the Buddha taught called Buddhism. Our world is a place which we can understand and live in harmony with. We must take action to effect changes in ourself that we come into harmony with the real facts of existence.

We need not rely on God or any superstition, but on our own choices and the places they take us. While we can be and can aim to be fully present in life it does not do to get too caught up in our own sense of what is right or in the future or in past hurts – there is only now until there is death.

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