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Bush, Bin Laden, Firework Night & Terrorism

November 5th, 2004 Leave a comment Go to comments

It’s the fifth of November, “Guy Fawkes Night”, “Bonfire Night” or “Fireworks Night” – a night when here in the United Kingdom we celebrate a terrorist failure, the conspiracy that nearly blew up Parliament on 5 November 1605.

All very well you think, but the fact is that this night is possibly the most defining celebration of Britishness in our calendar. Enough pyrotechnics will go off tonight in Britain to fight a small war with. It seems to me completely incongruous that here we are, in the middle of an Orwellian “war on terror” and the whole of Britain gives up thinking for a night to celebrate a guy who tried to blow up the mother of all parliaments. But then, are we really celebrating him and his plan? No – we celebrate his failure of course, even though in our heart of hearts we all know that we do not wish nor need for governance, but freedom. The kind of freedom Guy et al wished to deliver to us. Of course, Osama Bin Laden et al want to deliver a different kind of freedom to us: the freedom to see the world how they think we should see it and do things as they think they should be done. And Mr Bush et al?

Let’s face it, the American population voted in Mr Bush out of fear of doing anything different. And when you do things from fear you are being swayed by terrorism. That is the point of it. And let us go the whole hog and ask the question, who has induced and who has most to gain from this fear? The answer: Mr Bush, Mr Cheney, their families and cronies, the American Arms and Oil industries and let’s not forget, the Saudi Royal Family – including the Bin Laden clan.

The War on Terror Mr Bush? It’s time to turn yourself in. War Criminal Number One.

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