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Cannabis and Mental Health: The Link

“There is growing evidence that smoking cannabis causes mental health problems”. The BBC headline being pushed as the major news story this morning is bad science. There may be a growing body of evidence that smoking cannabis and having mental health problems are linked but the link and causality are far from proven.

Since the sixties when R.D. Laing’s promoted his ideas about Schizophrenia being principally a political and social fact our understanding of the “disease” has not gained much ground. The dismissal of Laing’s theory was bad then and part of the same problem we are encountering here. People who suffer mental health problems, in short, do not suffer the new original sin of genetic problems. They suffered growing up in families and a world which do not make sense yet pretend to.

That people who ask for mental health support are unlikely to get is much more likely the causal issue here. People suffering senselessness in this world are left to their own devices and self-medicate using alcohol, drugs or experience to fill the gaps in themselves created by upbringing.

The locus of control being placed outside of the individual by family and society is the principal gap forming problem. Persons raised in controlling families and society lack self control. They are then very ready to give it up to an outside substance or person. It keeps them where they are comfortable: In a semi-infantile state where they will not have to address, understand and deal with the families and experiences that fucked them up.

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