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Capitalism In It’s Death Throes

February 8th, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

Capitalism as it has been configured until now is in it’s death thoroes. If the damage it is doing to human lives and the planet around us do not convince you, this story from Samizdata.net will.

It is about a berlin woman being threatened with benefit cuts if she does not accept a job as a prostitute. That a modern economy should treat it’s “free democratic citizens” in this manner is bizarre and the sort of sign that shows a system at the limits of its constraints.

When systems hit constraints, pressure builds somewhere, until the system blows a gasket or reconfigures. This is called discontinuous change. Discontinuous change is the stuff of revolutions and volcanoes. It is not all bad however. It’s merely a part of the information revolution in this case. The apocalypse, or revelation of truth, is dawning as freedomforall.net has reasoned before. Things will get better after that.

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