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Me, Myself and Us: Dissociative Identity Disorder

May 2nd, 2009 No comments

A beautiful video on dissociation due to childhood sexual abuse.


A Shoe Thrown At Bush Is Worth Two On Your Feet !

December 15th, 2008 No comments

From the BBC:

In the middle of the news conference with Mr Maliki, Iraqi television journalist Muntadar al-Zaidi stood up and shouted “this is a goodbye kiss from the Iraqi people, dog,” before hurling a shoe at Mr Bush which narrowly missed him.

Showing the soles of shoes to someone is a sign of contempt in Arab culture.

With his second shoe, which the president also managed to dodge, Mr Zaidi said: “This is for the widows and orphans and all those killed in Iraq.

Muntadar al-Zaidi throws a shoe at George Bush (14 December 2008)

On Video:


The Human Condition: Dance Monkey, Dance.

December 7th, 2008 No comments

Good Stuff.


Computer Paint Job Mod – Recycling A PC For A Nursing Student

October 28th, 2008 No comments

My latest PC job, a charitable donation to a student nurse, built on an old Pentium III 733Mhz but with 128M graphics card, 512M ram, a creative soundblaster live and an nlite’ed version of windows 2000 she runs sweet as a nut.

Plays fullscreen DVD’s, websurfing, music, camera’s and editing photo’s. Most people buying PC’s today could do what they want to do with a good five year old machine. This is the madness of our consumer society. Unless you want to play the latest games or are working with graphics/music on a semi professional level there is no point wasting money on a new PC when your old one with a little love and upgrading is good for two more years. This one also got a blue and silver paint-job including the mouse and keyboard (not shown here) as I strongly dislike beige boxes.

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Making Things Work.

September 14th, 2007 No comments

OK so … I’m in hospital … but I just can’t stop modding. When things are not right they demand change. This is the bedside system I’ve been using for the last 9 days. It’s based on an Epia Mobo with a via processor.

There are two handsets. one is a phone, the other controls the built in TV (30 channels) and radio and when you flip it over and open the cover, inside there is a 6 inch long qwerty keyboard with a built in mousepointer.
I use the net a lot … but this absurdly designed keyboard is difficult for an individual in full health to use … I am right handed and all the muscles behind my right shoulder have failed over the last three years … so after a few days of using this I now have a repetative strain injury and my wrist hurts like hell.
Something had to be done. MODDING TIME YAY !!!!
I called in the Occupational Therapist and asked for her help. I needed to somehow get the handset mounted on the table so I might be able to type with just my left hand.
Now that was a smart move: Lindsay the OT turned out to be gorgeous. Bright blue eyes, amazing smile … and it puts a :) on my face every time she visits. BEST medicine I  have had in nine days. ACTUALLY THE ONLY MEDICINE.
She built a little cradle for the handset for me out of plastic and returned the next day. It wasn’t very rigid so I used the broken lid off the handset – Lindsay was a bit shocked I think .. not very mod-aware lol) and got the sellotape (scotch) out and used the lid as a brace.
SO … between the oh-so-gorgeous Lindsay and myself this is what we have come up with …. and it works a treat I can tell you. The whole of this post has been typed with it :)
if it ain't broke break it

ps thanks to DaveW for getting  the pic up :)

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