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#wordbombing : Mass Peacefull Protest Against Government Spying?

November 10th, 2013 No comments

It occurred to me that there is something we can do as a mass peaceful protest to circumvent mass data collection and spying on us by our own governments.

I haven’t done the math on the critical mass required, someone like Jacob Applebaum could probably do it in a minute or two but here is the idea:

Everyone adds some random terrorist sounding shit to the end of each and every email and phone conversation. The supercomputers supposedly triage all communications to seek out such stuff. If one million or ten million people, good honest citizens who believe privacy to be the basis of freedom and democracy did this, would it throw the supercomputers into mayhem?

Would this work? I don’t know. I am calling it #wordbombing – I wonder if in some quarters even my suggesting this would count as a terrorist act? I intend no harm, have no gun, wish to see a world where economics works for all and the planet – not just the few. This probably already has me on a watchlist somewhere!






Jessica Looks Down The Rabbit Hole: The Amish Facebook

August 24th, 2009 No comments

Jess Best wrote in her blog, “Jessica Best’s Blog” (here) and (here) how during travels with the Amish she discovered their own form of long established social networking. It’s not exactly facebook, but it works for the Amish and Jess writes rather well, so it’s a good read.

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Free Security Software – No Need to Pay, No Excuses: Antivirus, Firewall and Antispyware.

December 20th, 2008 No comments

Viruses, Hackers, Trojans all rely on people not being scrupulous about their (Windows, by and large) PC’s health. It is simple, free and will take 2 hours to set up then 1 hour weekly to maintain and secure your PC.

No excuse is good enough. It is not YOURinfected PC’s health that matters, it is YOUR friends that suffer. They are bombarded with viruses, scam attacks, phishing and all other nasties and all because you, a lazy PC owner does not think or act.

Do this:

You must complete all steps before using the computer or the internet for anything else:

1/ download:

Zonealarm Free Firewall. Damn Good Product.

Adaware SE Personal Free Anti-Advertising, Tracking, Spyware.

antivir Free Antivirus by H+BEDV Datentechnik GmBH. Top-Notch. Regularly updated, German technology.

Malwarebytes – Another anti-spyware, anti-trojan, antihacker software and a diamond product like Adaware – Two is better than one – in this area only. This recommendation has been updated from Spybot Search & Destroy which unfortunately is no longer the stalwart it was.

2/ Disconnect from the internet. Only reconnect when an installation asks to update andthen use for no other purpose until all scans, including double-Spybot s&d if needed in step 7, are complete.

3/ Uninstall your existing antivirus & firewall and turn off windows XP firewall.

4/ Reboot.

5/ Install Antivir. Let it run through, including full scan. Check out program options, get familiar: it is your new antivirus: It is free, regularly updated and works really well.

6/ Install Zonelalarm, your new really excellent free firewall. Do not install the full version on trial – Install the basic version from day one. The other software here protects you from the rest of the stuff.

Normally Zonealarmwill silently protect you, in the background mostly, letting you know if anything really bad starts to happen and asking if you want certain things to happen from time to time.

Zonealarm will tell you when an update is available. Install it.

6/ Install and run Adaware SE Personal. This program defeats advertising software, tracking software, dataminers, trojans, cookies – allsorts of nasties. Update it and run it once a week. When you run the scan for the first time it will come up with a lot of nasties. Don’t worry. Just right click any item in the list, chose “select all” from the list by left clicking on it, then delete them all. Do the same on your weekly scan, you want none of it.

7/ Install and run Malwarebytes. It does much the same as adaware – Both run once a week keeps you really safe. Do the same in all respects as with Adaware: Update and run once a week; Delete everything it comes up with. The first time and other scans it might at the end say it could not fix all problems: Say Yes when it asks to run at boot-up/startup. Then, when finished running, reboot/restart the computer and it will run immediately – run through and fix all.

8/ Connect to the net, connect to Windows Update and install updates. If you never did this it can take a while, especially on a slow connection and might require one or two reboots – don’t bother if yours is an illegal windows XP, it won’t work, and anything pre windows-98 is history.

Don’t forget. Update and run Windows Update, and full scans using Antivir, Adaware & Malwarebytes once a week. You’ll be safe as houses my friend. Once a month do windows update as well, you’ll be safer than most people you know.


Sorry To My Commenters

November 20th, 2008 No comments

Moved to a new version of the software and lost your comments 🙁 and registrations 🙁 sorry.

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Computer Paint Job Mod – Recycling A PC For A Nursing Student

October 28th, 2008 No comments

My latest PC job, a charitable donation to a student nurse, built on an old Pentium III 733Mhz but with 128M graphics card, 512M ram, a creative soundblaster live and an nlite’ed version of windows 2000 she runs sweet as a nut.

Plays fullscreen DVD’s, websurfing, music, camera’s and editing photo’s. Most people buying PC’s today could do what they want to do with a good five year old machine. This is the madness of our consumer society. Unless you want to play the latest games or are working with graphics/music on a semi professional level there is no point wasting money on a new PC when your old one with a little love and upgrading is good for two more years. This one also got a blue and silver paint-job including the mouse and keyboard (not shown here) as I strongly dislike beige boxes.

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