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To break a promise or to lie?

May 18th, 2017 No comments

I was faced with this dilemma recently. To break a promise to a friend in extreme mental distress or to lie. I chose to break the promise. This meant ensuring the people charged with caring for her were fully appraised of her suicidal thoughts and actions –  something she and other friends had lied about. As she barely has the capacity to decide if she wants to have a boiled egg for breakfast at the moment, I decided the moral and ethical resolution was to raise the issue at a meeting of all concerned and give those who had lied the chance to be truthful. They did this, though not straightforwardly. Had they not I would have reported what I knew. Sometimes being a friend means hard decisions.


Rachel Thompson (@RachelintheOC) Shares Her Truth About Chldhood Sexual Abuse

June 8th, 2015 No comments

Rachel Thompson (@RachelintheOC) was the latest guest on Survivor’s Voices Radio carried on Soundart Radio. It was an honour to speak with Rachel and and hear her story, below. You can catch up on all episodes via Mixcloud.

This is my first #MondayBlogs post in honour of Rachel, who not only founded that hashtag, but also the #sexabusechat group on Twitter.



Survivors Voices Ep13: Rachel Thompson (@RachelInTheOC) 3/6/2015 by Survivors_Voices on Mixcloud


Phil Frampton: Childhood, a Life of Campaigning and Judicial Review of Goddard Inquiry

April 18th, 2015 No comments

Phil Frampton joines me on Survivors Voices Radio to discuss growing up in the care system, failures of the current model, his life campaigning and announces a Judicial Review of the Goddard Inquiry.


Survivors Voices: Phil Frampton Ep09 by Survivors_Voices on Mixcloud


My story broadcast 1st April 2015

April 2nd, 2015 No comments
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#wordbombing : Mass Peacefull Protest Against Government Spying?

November 10th, 2013 No comments

It occurred to me that there is something we can do as a mass peaceful protest to circumvent mass data collection and spying on us by our own governments.

I haven’t done the math on the critical mass required, someone like Jacob Applebaum could probably do it in a minute or two but here is the idea:

Everyone adds some random terrorist sounding shit to the end of each and every email and phone conversation. The supercomputers supposedly triage all communications to seek out such stuff. If one million or ten million people, good honest citizens who believe privacy to be the basis of freedom and democracy did this, would it throw the supercomputers into mayhem?

Would this work? I don’t know. I am calling it #wordbombing – I wonder if in some quarters even my suggesting this would count as a terrorist act? I intend no harm, have no gun, wish to see a world where economics works for all and the planet – not just the few. This probably already has me on a watchlist somewhere!