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Child Rapists and “Civil Society”.

February 13th, 2010 No comments
From The UK Column:
by Robert Green

In the October 2009 print edition of the UK Column, we reported in our article, “BBC Hides Truth of Girl’s Sexual Abuse Ordeal” the shocking ordeal of Downs Syndrome girl, Hollie Greig, who was horribly abused by an Aberdeen paedophile ring, over a period of ten years. After investigating and planning a documentary, the BBC abruptly dropped the case, despite admitting that Hollie was a reliable and accurate witness. It is important to stress that both the police and qualified medical experts have described Hollie as a competent and entirely honest witness.


Recently a policeman personally told the UK Column that police had themselves experienced their own paedopile investigations suddenly being dropped by senior police officers. He added “If you want to really get to the paedophiles you should look at Westminster”. The implications of this statement are frightening – a paedophile ring amongst our political leaders – the political elite which has control of education and Social Services? The general public needs to open its eyes and confront this evil – and fast.

The fact is we are not civilised. We do not live in a Civil Society. Not when Paedophile rings rule every level of society.


Professor Williams Of Queen Mary College London University: Personal Threats Towards A Journalist.

March 4th, 2008 Comments off

The article below was written by a freelance journalist last year. It was never published because the journalist was, he told me, threatened by Professor Williams (AKA “The Lying Surgeon”) of Barts and The Royal London Hospital and Queen Mary College, University of London.

You may want to ask why such a high standing professor would lower himself to threaten a journalist? Damn good question. All I know is the journalist described the threats as “evil” and the man behind them as an “evil mother fucker”. What has this world come to? My MP, Ms Lynn Brown, has said she feels powerless to intervene, knowing that Williams has outright lied to her when pressed for answers. Why was Professor Williams so scared he had to threaten a journalist? Or was the journalist lying? I don’t know the answers – maybe you do.

All I know is that once again I have been left up shit creek with no paddles in sight.

‘Are the people in control of our health selling us short? What is becoming of the NHS, an institution once the envy of the world? Is there a method in what we perceive as its’ increasing madness, or is it just madness? These are some of the questions facing one man who has taken on the establishment in pursuit of the answers.

Mathew Jee has been in and out of London’s clinics and hospitals for the past seven years. A successful businessman, he left the city in 1997 aged 31 for a more spiritual way of life. He became a chef at a top European ski resort before living and studying the Buddhist way of life in France.

It was during this period that he became aware that large pieces of his childhood just didn’t exist in his conciousness. As time went by, his body began to deteriorate and he made the decision to return to
England for conventional treatment for his ailments.

What followed was a messy succession of misdiagnosis, subsequent cover ups, internal for and against bickering between doctors in disagreement and a patient whose chances of recovery became worse as the situation became more untenable.

What emerges is a complete mis-comprehension of sexual abuse within the NHS and how the physical and psychological effects of this are mixed together by medical minds into a fusion of agitation and bewilderment, prompting one senior consultant to admit, “I’m afraid you’re just not in the textbooks, Mr Jee”, and another renowned expert, in response to Mathews pleas for treatment to tell him, “I might let you into my physiotherapy unit if your attitude improves”

Jee, 41 began having flashbacks of being raped by his fathers’ friends after a year of heavy meditation in 2000. He recalls, “Around that time I realised there was a big black hole inside me, a dark place of pain. I was really scared of remembering the abuse, because when the memories start to come back to you, as a survivor of abuse, they don’t come back as solid memories. Because they’ve been blocked out of your conciousness, you relive them.

“I was waking up in the middle of the night, squirming on my bed, unable to breathe, with my body contorted. There would be images flashing in my mind from the time of the abuse….It doesn’t come back as a fully formed memory. Because it stops when you get to a certain point of terror, you go blank; you switch off”

In 2001 he sought psychological help and was referred to the East London and the City Mental Health NHS Trust where, after two sessions with consultant psychiatrist Martin Zinkler he was told that he had a Narcissistic Personality Disorder, which on being challenged he much later changed to chronic post-traumatic stress disorder. He told Jee to put aside his claims of childhood abuse and refered him for treatment on that basis.

At the Tavistock Centre Jee was told that he would have to wait over a year for an appointment because the consultant wanted to be sure that he “really, really wanted the treatment”. Eighteen months passed while
Jee waited for an appointment for a condition which had been misdiagnosed. In the meantime he availed himself of counselling courtesy of the male rape survivors charity.

He began to seek second opinions as his physical symptoms became worse and some doctors started to come round to his way of thinking.

In a letter to his GP, one consultant maintained that, “his spine is collapsing, his neck is unstable, his shoulders are rotated round, his diaphragm is not working properly and his pelvic floor is not right either” His body had started to catch up with his mind, and the symptons were apalling.

From that moment until the present day, senior medical consultants have been unable to agree on a diagnosis, either physical or psychological and Jee has been passed on from one expert to another, in and out of various hospitals along the way. As he became more frustrated with the NHS, they in turn showed less interest in his

As Mr P Bates MRCS of the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital pointed out in a letter to Jee in January 2006, “I think the bottom line is that occasionally patients like yourself come along who do not fit any classical picture and although clearly something is wrong, we are unable to find out what the formal diagnosis is and all we can do as doctors is reassure you that this is not a serious orthopaedic problem.”‘

Apparantly the “Lying Surgeon” believes he is, and in fact he is, to all extents and purposes, above the law. If this sort of crap doesn’t worry you be careful because – as the Manic Street preachers said in their song, “if you tolerate this, then your children will be next”.


University College Hospital: Professor Spiro, Professor of Whitewash.

October 30th, 2007 No comments

Last week when my Consultant, Richard Cohen, was away on holiday the ward manager Martin Bruce came and saw me. We had a discussion for about twenty minutes. He explained that their job was to get me out of hospital. He made no bones about it: success had nothing to do with my health or otherwise: it was all about “moving me through the system”. His plan was that when Cohen returned there would be a meeting with the ward sister who best knows my case, Mr Cohen and a representative from the team responsible for my psychotherapy. The purpose of the meeting would be to get me out of his bed.

During the week another senior consultant who had first referred me to Mr Cohen was due to visit. She never arrived.

When Mr Cohen returned yesterday he came and saw me in the morning. He explained that this consultant had about-turned on her decision to see me. She had written to him by email and said that she had “been advised by a senior colleague not to come”. She is the medical director of the hospital she works at.

Mr Cohen explained that there was nothing more the hospital could do to help me. He was clearly trying to move me towards discharge without any such meeting. I protested that it was not safe for me to be moved home, that despite Mr Cohen doing his honest best the hospital as a whole had not done so, that it was inappropriate that so many of the people he had tried to refer me to had refused to see me, that there was no understanding of what is wrong with me and that I was not happy to be sent home. I explained that I want to be moved to a rehabilitation unit or to another hospital that would try and understand what is wrong with me.

Mr Cohen said he would try and get the medical director of the hospital to come and see me. This morning he returned and explained that Professor Stephen Spiro would be coming to see me at lunch time and asked me to be here from 11am until 2pm to be sure I didn’t miss him. Spiro, a former medical director of the hospital, had been asked “not to look at my notes” before meeting me and arrived at arout 20 minutes before 1pm. After about ten minutes of questioning he conducted a two or three minute physical examination with me on my bed. Professor Spiro did not ask me to get off of my bed and did not watch me walk.

He appeared friendly, understanding and helpful. He’s a pretty good actor.

As he left I asked him if he had reached a conclusion. “No”, he said, “I am going to read your notes and then let Mr Cohen know my thoughts”. My notes are in a folder nearly two inches thick. They contain around 100 pages of material and reports from this hospital and elsewhere. He walked over to the nursing station, sat there for one minute and wrote the following in my notes:

“Very complex Psychiatric/Psychological situation. Whatever the patients muscular problems are there is no need for admission. Fit for discharge.” – I am allowed to read my notes in the presence of a nurse and did so the minute Spiro left.

This took him about thirty seconds. He certainly did not even attempt to read my notes. He then left the ward, met Martin Bruce, the ward manager in the lobby and exchanged a few words with him. I couldn’t hear the conversation. Martin Bruce looked happy smiled and waved Professor Spiro off. Clearly Bruce was happy that Spiro had rubber stamped my discharge such that the hospital can pour whitewash over the whole incident of my being here.

As Spiro got into the outer lobby he was already on his mobile telephone to Mr Cohen to tell him the good news that despite having no understanding of what is wrong with me (”Whatever the patients muscular problems are”) he had happily written me up for discharge. Within the hour Mr Cohen had arrived with his new puppy-dog Senior Registrar, James Arbuckle, and was telling me I would be discharged by the end of this week to my home. No understanding of what is wrong, no care plan, no treatment plan, no rehabilitation plan. However this is of course a great success for the hospital. After all I will have “left their bed” and be “off their plate”.

Nice medicine. I think University College can be very proud of itself. The smell of whitewash however is rather overwhelming.

On the subject of things white … this building is a complete white elephant. It cost twice what it should, nothing works properly, the staff hate it and complain about it constantly. The lifts fail. They were put in on the cheap as the trust had overspent and what’s more, they even designed and built it complete with a trunk:

University College Hopital Building - A white Elephant

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University College Hospital: A Pain In The Neck.

October 23rd, 2007 No comments

The report on the X-rays of my neck has been missing from my file for three weeks despite repeated requests for it to be put on file. Last Friday it was noted in my notes that my “muscle spasms are improving”. This is utterly untrue. I was put on Gabapentin to control the muscle spasms ten days ago and quite quickly suffered severe reactions. Last Monday I was advised to stop taking it. I requested another Neurological consult immediately for a replacement as the Diazepam I have been on for two years is no longer doing the job and is effectively dissolving the muscles that do not work and it is therefore urgent a suitable replacement is found.

On Tuesday morning I again politely requested a Neurological consult for the same purpose. No one came. On Wednesday morning I again politely requested a Neurological consult for the same purpose. No one came. On Thursday morning I again politely requested a Neurological consult for the same purpose. No one came. On Friday morning I again politely requested a Neurological consult for the same purpose. No one came. I was making these requests because the muscle spasms were worsening dangerously and causing further destabilisation in my already very damaged neck.

At 4pm on Friday afternoon I gave up asking politely and went to see the ward Manager. “Martin”, I said, “I have been politely asking for a Neurological consult for the last five days. it is 4pm and it’s Friday. You have got one hour before all the doctors go home for the weekend and I am left inincreasing pain and danger. If that happens I am going to kick off. You don’t want me to kick off”.

“I’ll deal with it”, he said. And he was indeed good to his word. Half an hour later a very helpful Neurologist turned up. Unfortunately, misinformed by the records about the nature of my condition, she prescribed Amitiptyline – usually prescribed as an anti-depressant but also used as a pain control drug for Neuropathic pain. I didn’t need a drug to control the pain I needed one to control the spasms – and in particular one that was not going to weaken the failed, atrophied and damaged muscles that are leading others to spasm.

Gabapentin had done very well on this score but also and lead to a nasty itchy rash developing up my legs within 48 hours and stabbing chest pains 20 minutes after I took it. Amitriptyline is doing no good whatsoever because it is known not to have muscle relaxant and anti-spasmodic properties. The spasms are getting worse quickly, reducing further the mobility of my neck and causing ever increasing damage. This is why it worries me that such misleading statements as “muscle spasms are improving” are appearing on my notes.

It appears to fit the pattern of the hospital trying to “appear to do their best” – as opposed to “trying to do their best” – two very different things.

Here are the X-rays of which the report is missing:

Neck  X-ray

Neck  X-ray

Neck  X-ray

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University College London Hospitals Trust Chairman: Peter Dixon – A Challenge: Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is.

October 21st, 2007 No comments

A very nicely branded University College London Hospitals Annual Review of 2006/7 was today left open on my bed by one of the nursing staff I presume. I think the nursing staff are becoming aware that something very odd is going on.

After all I will have been an inpatient here for eight weeks on Tuesday, my health is failing fast, there has been a failure to undertake appropriate tests and a repetition of pointless ones. Doctors have refused to see me – though the consultant I am under admits it is not me that is at fault here but the cock-ups that have happened elsewhere and are being used as an excuse to deny me the care I need. Tests which would have proven useful have been denied on spurious grounds.

Reports are missing from my file and I have been asking for them for three weeks. The hospital sat on my old scans for five weeks before loading them into their PACS system. They then sent back my EBT scans saying the images could not be read. Which was odd because when I shoved the disk in my laptop it fired up and read every image without fail. And when I showed the 3D renditions of my cervical spine to a Neurologist last week he said that needed further clarification before running out the door backwards saying he could no longer support me staying in hospital as the hospital is “not helping” me – the one point we agreed on.

The Annual Review was left open on my bed on the page “Our commitment to you”. On that page was a highlighted statement from Peter Dixon the Trust Chairman – who has been in receipt of a “stongly worded” fax from my MP for the last six weeks of my “hotelisation” here.

That statement reads:

“It’s a matter of treating others as we would wish to be treated ourselves. It may sound easy, but making it happen is going to require attention to detail and routinely going that extra mile.” – Trust Chairman, Peter Dixon.

It’s time to pay attention to detail, go the extra mile and stop trying to look like you are doing your best and do your best, Mr Dixon. That is my challenge to you. There is no excuse for my human right to health to be stamped on, whomever may be pushing you to do so. Far from treating me as you would wish to be treated yourself the overall treatment I have received here is worse than you would allow for your dog. It’s shape up time.

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