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Google, Galileo, History and Power.

August 25th, 2009 No comments
Google celebrate the 400th anniversary of Galileos telescope.

Google celebrate the 400th anniversary of Galileo's telescope.

Google is celebrating the 400th anniversary of Galileo Galilei’s telescope today. Poor Galileo was not well treated in his day for sticking to the same observation the Flaming Lips make in their song, “Do you realise”, namely that, “the Sun does not rise, it’s just an illusion caused by the world turning round”. From Wikipedia:

Galileo’s championing of Copernicanism was controversial within his lifetime, when a large majority of philosophers and astronomers still subscribed (at least outwardly) to the geocentric view that the Earth is at the centre of the universe. After 1610, when he began supporting heliocentrism publicly, he met with bitter opposition from some philosophers and clerics, and two of the latter eventually denounced him to the Roman Inquisition early in 1615. Although he was cleared of any offence at that time, the Catholic Church nevertheless condemned heliocentrism as “false and contrary to Scripture” in February 1616,[8] and Galileo was warned to abandon his support for it—which he promised to do. When he later defended his views in his most famous work, Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems, published in 1632, he was tried by the Inquisition, found “vehemently suspect of heresy,” forced to recant, and spent the rest of his life under house arrest.

Google today is one of the champions of freedom of information – except when censoring websites for the Chinese and other Governments. The pioneering search techniques, personal publishing and communications tools – and other innovations the internet giant has brought to us, are part of the most sweeping political change to occur in two thousand years or so.

The invention of large scale officialdom and the official world-view it presents as a coherent and self evident set of truths ushered in a period of small scale human acquiescence and large scale dominace through power that persists as the fundamental underlying fabric of our society today.

The Internet puts that entire web, fabricated from truths, half truths, downright lies and outdated beliefs at risk of crumbling. In fact it is crumbling. As individuals stop looking to their televisions and governments to tell them what is the nature of reality and begin on a large scale to discern and sift that information for themselves the established political process is becoming irrelevant.

This was foreseen as clear as day by some leaders of the American right – and seen as the danger to their established order it represents. Unable to declare open “information warfare” on their own citizens without fear of revolt, it needed the invention of the war on terror to galvanise the minds of the people into allowing their hard fought freedoms to be taken away from under their feet.

So today if you live in London, on average, you will be caught 300 times on CCTV cameras – cameras that have been shown to cost £20,000 per crime solved to operate and which 80% of produce pictures of too poor quality to identify criminals.

Your web-browsing habits, emails and phone calls are all stored on a personal database at GCHQ in Cheltenham, Gloucester. Using social topology mapping software this can be used to make a map of who you know, where you go and what you do. How you think can be deduced to no small degree from this information. And it is no short step from there to knowing what information to feed you to lead you to thinking a certain way or influencing your choices towards those which are “best” for society.

The internet threatens everything the elites of this world have worked so long to establish because the lies upon which they base their logic will be undone by it’s very presence. Hence the threat to it from new ideas being pushed by big government, Rothschild and Rockerfeller think tanks and the big media coalitions.

The Government can force you to be vaccinated against “Swine Flu”, even though the vaccine being used in Europe has never and will not be tested on humans. And knowing last time such a thing happened in the USA in 1976 that one person died of the flu and an unknown number of the vaccine (because as numbers mounted the American Medical Association ordered doctors that unless a person died within the immediate 48 hours following vaccination their death must be assigned to other causes – even when they were totally healthy prior to vaccination).

Science is no better ruler of what we “best” do now than the Vatican was when it placed Galileo under house arrest and starved the world of his brilliance. Just look at the biggest experiment they have ever undertaken – CERN’s Large Hadron Collider – which blew up when they turned it on.

If you think politicians are any better then have a think back about the last year or so of world politics and finance.

We have had two thousand years of “democratic” politics and it has not solved a problem yet. Mainly this is because it is, by it’s very nature, undemocratic in the way we employ it – and subject to total infiltration by select groups with personal or other agendas. The stated agenda of “serving the people” is rarely any where near the top of the heap of priorities of a politician.

The image based way we select amongst two groups of (mainly) elite public schoolboys to run this country gives us poor service. It really is time for change. Modern communications can make this world a better place. They give us individual power at the cost of centralised power. Centralised power is fighting back with all it can – but as it steals all it’s power from the single biggest lie – that we “need it” – it will fail.

Long live the people.


WTC7 Case Closed.

January 24th, 2009 No comments

Video sequence of controlled demolition expert Danny Jowenko’s full opinions on the collapse of WTC7

In the following video Danny Jowenka is interviewed after false rumours he withdrew his opinion were published on the Internet.

Jowenka: “Listen when the FEMA makes a report that it came down by fire and you have to earn your money in the States as a controlled demolition company – and you say “no it was a controlled demolition”, you .. your, your gone, you know? It’s the end of your, your … the end of the story”.

Interviewer: “The other people didn’t want to talk to me about building seven really obviosly because they knew what happened and they didn’t want to say it, right?”

Jowenka: “Exactly”.

Even the Swiss are worried that the 9/11 attacks could have been a politically motivated plot to control oil. Events post 9/11, i.e The Iraq war and Afghan war support this. Excerpted from an article in Tages Anzeiger (translated):

“Fire or blown up?

«Peter Forster, Präsident der eidgenössischen Konsultativkommission für innere Sicherheit, betont, dass es auch für die Schweiz sehr wichtig ist zu wissen, ob der «Krieg gegen den Terrorismus» ein Vorwand ist, um Energieressourcen zu erbeuten.»

Peter Forster, president of the Federal Consultative Committee on Internal Security, emphasized that even for Switzerland is very important to know whether the “war on terrorism” is a pretext in order to capture energy resources.

«Die Debatte um WTC 7 muss man im Auge behalten, unbedingt.»

The debate about WTC 7, you may need to keep an eye on, definitely.

«Aber die Lihop- und Mihop-Theorien sind sehr explosiv, das wäre ungeheuerlich.»

But the Lihop and Mihop theories are very explosive, that would be outrageous.

Lihop says some USA Government insiders knew and let it happen or helped it along. Mihop says that elements within the USA Government planned and executed events from start to finish.


Controlled Demolition: Explosive Detonations Clearly Visible on 9/11 Video.

January 14th, 2009 No comments

The fact that WTC Building 7 was “pulled” is well established. This is of course why the 9/11 ommission report makes no mention of building seven. The commission were directed not to examine building seven because the evidence was totally overwhelming and the explanation totally lacking.

Only three steel buildings have collapsed in all of human history due to fire – the official reason, all on September 11th 2001, all owned by Larry Silverstein, and one was not even hit by a plane. The excuse that the exploding jet fuel caused this is clearly fake. Especially with WTC Tower 2 it is clear from the video evidence that the majority of the aviation fuel exploded outside of the building causing a huge external fireball. Makes it even stranger that WTC Tower 2, the second hit, fell first, does it not? Well, it does until you realise the planes were only flown in to cover the planned demolition and that this was part of the Neo-Con Project for a New American Century’s plans. This was their new “Pearl Harbour” – and they plainly state they needed one to facilitate adoption of their plans.

This video clearly shows a sequenced detonation of explosive devices, following a line and upward diagonally towards the service floor as tower two collapsed. The explosions start well below the collapsing portion of the tower – as the tower fell at near free fall speed the service floor was blown just as the collapse reached that point. Though hit second the tower was pulled first. Watch to the end of the video as the slow motion inverted colour sequences at the end are the clearest to see:


Alan Watts, CERN’s Large Hadron Collider, The Nature Of Reality and Nostradamus: Flee, Flee Geneva.

October 28th, 2008 No comments

In a recent blog comment posted here at Alan Gillis’ excellent blog “The Science of Conundrums” I analysed a Notradamus Quatrain potentially relating to the Large Hadron Collider at CERN near Geneva in Switzerland, thus:

“To call Raypoz the PositiveRay is a sound derivation, though it wouldn’t have been understood back then, with the only rays being ‘rayons de soleil’ or sun rays, sunlight.

What is the Opposite of Raypos? A negative ray.”

This analysis I believe to be incorrect based on an incorrect analysis of the French.

“Le contre Raypoz exteriminera tous”

“The opposing positive ray will exterminate all.”

Is a better translation. More importantly it leads us to a simpler conclusion than needing to invent a negative ray from somewhere:

Nostradamus is merely pointing out that the opposing positive rays colliding in the LHC will exterminate all in Geneva.

Why? The LHC creates “contained” nuclear explosions by colliding two positively charged rays of particles. The explosions are contained in huge magnetic fields. The field strength needed for these magnets is calculated using current theoretical physics.

The problem is that the LHC experiment is testing the boundaries of the same theoretical physics that was used to calculate the magnetic field strength needed to contain these explosions.

They have probably got it wrong.

The Nostradamus Quatrain:

Migrés, migrés de Geneue trestous,
Saturne d’or en fer se changera,
Le contre Raypoz exteriminera tous,
Auvant l’aruent le ciel signes fera.

The usual translation:

Leave, leave Geneva every last one of you,
Saturn will be converted from gold to iron,
Raypoz will exterminate all who oppose him,(?)
Before the coming the sky will show signs.

My translation is that the third line is incorrect and should read thus:

Leave, leave Geneva every last one of you,
Saturn will be converted from gold to iron,
The opposing positive rays will exterminate all
Before the coming the sky will show signs.

This morning, co-incidentally, I am re-reading a wonderful lecture by Alan Watts called “The Nature Of Consciousness”. There is a lovely passage where he is culminating his description of the “ceramic” model of the universe and it’s flaws. This is the model (slightly altered by the removal of “God” from the picture) is the one the scientists at CERN are exploring:

But when you want to apply that image to the universe itself, to the very nature of life, it has limitations. For one thing, the idea of a difference between matter and spirit. This idea doesn’t work anymore. Long, long ago, physicists stopped asking the question ‘What is matter?’ They began that way. They wanted to know, what is the fundamental substance of the world? And the more they asked that question, the more they realized the couldn’t answer it, because if you’re going to say what matter is, you’ve got to describe it in terms of behavior, that is to say in terms of form, in terms of pattern. You tell what it does, you describe the smallest shapes of it which you can see. Do you see what happens? You look, say, at a piece of stone, and you want to say, ‘Well, what is this piece of stone made of?’ You take your microscope and you look at it, and instead of just this block of stuff, you see ever so many tinier shapes. Little crystals. So you say, ‘Fine, so far so good. Now what are these crystals made of?’ And you take a more powerful instrument, and you find that they’re made of molocules, and then you take a still more powerful instrument to find out what the molocules are made of, and you begin to describe atoms, electrons, protons, mesons, all sorts of sub-nuclear particles. But you never, never arrive at the basic stuff. Because there isn’t any.

I think Watts is right here. there is no basic “Stuff”, just energy manifesting in different patterns that appear to be stuff. This is a very Buddhist interpretation of reality. Reality is there – it’s just not the reality we “think” of it as. The Scientists at CERN are looking for “Stuff”.

This is why I say the scientists at CERN have probably got it wrong and are messing in ways that they do not comprehend with matters/energies they do not comprehend. The fact that they do not comprehend them is of course proved by the fact that they are conducting “experiments”. Also that they spent $X billion on a machine that broke after two days and will take six months to fix is worrying. Let’s hope it keeps having these little failures and setbacks for a long time to come. Hopefully some bright spark somewhere will do the mathematics that proves the danger of their efforts before they ever switch it on fully.