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Cheney, Israel and How Not to Tell Lies.

January 22nd, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

Dick Cheney was adamant at the inaugauration that diplomacy would lead to the answers in resolving the niuclear issues with Iran. According to him it would be highly undesirable for Israel to go it alone and bomb the Iranians. And the USA might seek sanctions at the UN if the Iranians did not come into line with the American view.

There are a number of issues of concern. Freedom is forced to ask: Is the only purpose of the UN, according to the US administration, to enact their pet trade sanctions? Should we let America pick and chose it’s UN involvement this way? We all know the US has refused to pay it’s UN dues for many a year – maybe we could start charging them fees for their “usage” to make it up. “Trade Sanctions, Mr Rumsfeld? Sure – that willl be seven billion dollars please”.

Mr Cheney’s double talk is the biggest problem. It would be “highly undesirable” for Israel to go it alone and bomb Iran should be read as “Mr Sharon, you have my tacit permission to bomb misery out of these backwards people if they don’t submit”. Mr Cheney’s ability to lie convincingly has to be said to rival in its skill, his ability to see both sides of a picture.

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