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Child Abuse And Civilisation: The Missing Link?

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It is hard to fathom the mind of a man who can use his own child to obtain sexual pleasure. Not only is it hard, but let’s face it, who would want to and why? It is not a pleasant experience for the human mind to accept that such things happen and to delve deeply into it challenges anyone’s ability to comprehend the other.

A mind divided amongst itself, at war with itself, must produce such acts. It can not be possible that a mind intact and unbroken could be so cruel and so selfish in acting to obtain personal power and pleasure at the cost of another through abhorrent acts of sexual invasion. The depraved nature of the acts belies a mind so corrupted yet – even this mind has in it’s centre, in it’s genesis, a place of purity.

The events and experiences that make possible a mind of such brokenness can not even be guessed at by a person who has grown up whole. Yet those who have most trouble understanding, and experience the greatest reactions to these acts of brokenness, are often themselves also broken people – perhaps saved from becoming the same only by chance experience or by measure and degree of harm, pain, suffering and terror.

The walls of silence are all around us. In the minds of victims and abusers. In the press. In Government. In our religion, our schools, our philosohies, psychology and politics. We pretend that things are not as they are on a grand scale. We hide from the truth, persecute victims and promote misleading myths. Some 25% – 40% of adults were sexually molested at some point in time and 90% of those with unmanageable lives were victims, probably of invasive sexual acts when children.

Worldwide millions of pounds and dollars are spent on stranger danger campaigns whilst father, brothers, uncles and family friends use and abuse young bodies and minds for their own gratification. The next largest group of perpetrators are schoolteachers, scoutmasters and priests. All of these are known to the victims by and large and the stranger danger campaigns actually confuse these children into accepting as not wrong the harm forced into and upon them.

We pride ourselves on being civilised yet we persecute those who have been victimised as children into having no effective control over their “own” lives. We imprison, label and condemn those who, in continually running from the reality of their childhoods, lead lives of broken impulse and reactivity. These lives, so destructive to themselves and others lead them to prostitution, to prison and to drug abuse. And we label and condemn and imprison them.

In a world without childhood sexual abuse we might need ten per cent of the government, armed forces, police forces and invasive western medical practitioners that we have now, so pervasive and overwhelming are the effects of abuse. If people were in charge of their lives they would not need governing, policing and being glued together. If you base the test of civilisation on one simple question “Do they screw their children?”, we fail. We are barbarians.

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