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Child Sexual Abuse, False Memory Syndrome and Peace on Earth.

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Everyone needs to find peace within themselves, peace with who they are. Some are handicapped in that regard by past events. A self can be divided, not only by the lie of it’s own cohesion, or ego, but also by traumatic events. Events traumatic enough to completely split a person from the memories of those events can be remembered later if the person does the right work. The lies of the “False memory Syndrome” industry are best interpreted as a part of our denial. The persons behind it may be in denial about having been abused as children in some way or even about being abusers but the best bet is that they are in big denial about something. Why else they would deny this truth from its passionately necessary uncovering is hard to discern. I realise some persons involved with FMS promotion have actually been the victims of false memory recall at the hands of unskilled therapists yet these persons would be much better off helping survivors of abuse than doing what they are doing. The fact is that any therapist unskilled enough to be planting or encouraging false memories is also in denial about their own abuse or some part of it and needs their help too. Denial can range from negating the effects or extent of abuse to not having a clue that it happened.

These things matter because child sexual abuse is a great demon in our midst’s. Research Studies generally estimated that somewhere between five and twenty five per cent of western populations are sexually abused as a child. As many people have no idea they are victims we could place a conservative estimate at more like twenty to thirty per cent. These persons make up to seventy five per cent of our criminals, drug abusers and prostitutes. They will be less likely to work and more likely to claim benefits, they will require more health care and will die younger. Their children will fall into the same roles in life, more likely than not. In Africa increasing numbers of babies are raped each day because, the rumor goes, that raping a baby will cure you of AIDS/HIV.

The problem is world wide and produces, especially amongst those who do not remember, a lot of angry people whose life has no meaning. This is the dangerous and fertile recruitment ground for the suicide bomber, fundamentalist and cult member. Interestingly, the lack of meaning is a bodily phenomena due to distortions in posture needed to hold memories at bay. Constrictions on the musculature, vascular system, nervous system and breathing combine to render the person only partially conscious and unable to feel. They do not have the functioning perceptive apparatus to make sense or meaning out of life. They can also end up being gutless or spineless individuals, frightened easily into immobility. It is actually their lack of functioning muscles in areas around the spine or gut that account for the sayings.

When one in three to one in five or more people are not walking around the planet doing drugs, causing crime, selling their bodies, suffering meaninglessness and otherwise out of their own control, there may actually be a chance of finding peace on earth. It will certainly move us a step nearer to the necessary apocalypse, a Greek word which means to uncover.

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