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Climate Change, the Tsunami and American Ecological Awakening

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The Earth is a system partially open to space yet somewhat closed by nature of it’s atmosphere and gravity. We don’t fall or fly off for a start. Heat and energy enters and leaves the atmosphere both from and to space and the substance of the earth itself.

As climate change induces higher average temperatures in the atmosphere the flow of heat into the earth at any point on its surface and in time will be increased and out reduced, thus the temperature of the body of Earth itself will on average increase. As temperature rises so does pressure.

Such an increase in temperature and pressure may have been partially responsible for the particularly large earthquake that caused the recent Tsunami in the Indian ocean. Certainly if global warming is real and my theories half accurate we can expect to see an increase in the frequency and strength of large-scale geothermic events.

Mr Blair is trying to convince George Bush that climate change matters. Mr Bush believes God put him in charge, not Tony, so that effort is of course destined to fail. Mr Bush listens first and foremost to the little voices in his head. Hopefully one of these will soon speak up.

Otherwise, as America has more than its fair share of geological faults, we can expect the earth to do for us what Mr Blair will not be able to do. America will join the rest of the world in taking these issues seriously when they suffer a couple of catastrophic earthquakes or volcanoes. And when a respected American scientist with more weight and mathematics to throw at the problem than I makes and promotes this link.

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