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Control Freakery: Blair, Cars and Big Brother

The latest policy initiative undergoing “media trials” from the Blair Government is widespread road pricing using satellite tracking. There are so many problematic issues that arise from this that each could have a book written on it. Most already have.

  • The combination of existing vehicle ownership databases, the new national identity database and a satellite system capable of accurately positioning and tracking millions of cars is pure orwellian nightmare stuff.
  • A system proposed to cost £1 billion will always cost three times that if ordered by the government. There is a simple reason: Unlike the private sector no one in public management will draw a line in case they were wrong. As complexity and requirements rise they feed themselves without hinderance.
  • The system will not work properly and will then get scrapped.
  • The same or better result can be achieved by hiking fuel duty to encompass all vehicle taxes and environmental premiums. With horrendously expensive fuel driver behaviour will be modified to reduce congestion. It is cheapest to drive on a clear road at a steady moderate speed. Most expensive to be in a stop start jam.
  • It’s Tony Blair’s idea
  • Media trialling everything to see what you can get away with is poor form.

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