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Controlled Demolition: Explosive Detonations Clearly Visible on 9/11 Video.

January 14th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

The fact that WTC Building 7 was “pulled” is well established. This is of course why the 9/11 ommission report makes no mention of building seven. The commission were directed not to examine building seven because the evidence was totally overwhelming and the explanation totally lacking.

Only three steel buildings have collapsed in all of human history due to fire – the official reason, all on September 11th 2001, all owned by Larry Silverstein, and one was not even hit by a plane. The excuse that the exploding jet fuel caused this is clearly fake. Especially with WTC Tower 2 it is clear from the video evidence that the majority of the aviation fuel exploded outside of the building causing a huge external fireball. Makes it even stranger that WTC Tower 2, the second hit, fell first, does it not? Well, it does until you realise the planes were only flown in to cover the planned demolition and that this was part of the Neo-Con Project for a New American Century’s plans. This was their new “Pearl Harbour” – and they plainly state they needed one to facilitate adoption of their plans.

This video clearly shows a sequenced detonation of explosive devices, following a line and upward diagonally towards the service floor as tower two collapsed. The explosions start well below the collapsing portion of the tower – as the tower fell at near free fall speed the service floor was blown just as the collapse reached that point. Though hit second the tower was pulled first. Watch to the end of the video as the slow motion inverted colour sequences at the end are the clearest to see: