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Conversations With Doctors At The Royal London Hospital Whitechapel

Conversation Number One – The Day after Admission

Dr Glynn “Should you really be in hospital”

Me “Let me put it this way. A year ago I was as tall as you, broadshouldered and weighed nearly twelve stone. Today I have the back of an eighty year old man, weigh eight and a half Stone and have shoulders narrower than any of your nurses. What do you think?”

Dr Glynn “Well, we won’t discharge you then”.

Conversation Number Two – Monday Morning

Dr Glynn “Tell me again what’s wrong with you”.

Me “I have a pattern of Muscular dysfunction which is maintained by and maintains a neurological deficit. It is the physiological result of being orally and anally raped as an infant”

Dr Glynn “I have no idea what we can do to test for that”.

Me “MRI scan my pelvis, hips, rectum and abdomenal musculature, my lumbar spine and right shoulder and undertake a functional test of the diaphragm”.

Dr Glynn “Even if we find what you say is wrong with you I have no idea if we have the skills to put you back together again”.

Me “No you haven’t, but I think Angela Gall at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital has. I wrote My GP this morning telling her you would say that”.

Dr Glynn “Fair comment”.

Conversation Number Three – Tuesday Afternoon

Simon (Senior House Officer on Dr Glynns Team?) “What did you need to see me for today?”

Me “How much do you know about the spine?”

Simon “Not as much as you.”

Conversation Number Four – Wednesday Morning

Paul (Another member of Dr Glynns Team) “The Neurologist you saw on Sunday morning has ruled out a neurological problem”

Me “I know the standard tests the Neurological Registrar performed looking for a neurological injury sustained yesterday don’t show anything but I’ve been compensating for these injuries for thirty seven years. Simply put, Paul, I have a return of skin sensation progressively from the neck down which is sporadic, depending on the condition of my neck. What does that sound like to you?”

Paul “A central nervous system issue”.

Me “yes. Your neurological registrar got it wrong”.

Within an hour a Neurosurgeon appeared.

However I have now been at the Royal Hotel Whitechapel for five days and they still have not MRI scanned my hips and pelvis. My right hip is swinging further and further out of joint. The degredation of muscles continues apace. The on call Orthopaedic has been on call to see me for the past three days and has not shown his ugly head. Today the Neuro-Med Physiotherapist came to see me. She could not find my notes so I gave her some history but after ten minutes she was looking at me like a madman and fucked off so quick it was frankly embarrassing saying she might be back next week. I need a back brace that takes the weight of my body and stops the progressive collapse of my lumbar and thoracic spine and hips. I need it now because the doctors have been fucking me up for the past two years. they maintain I have mental health problems. I suspect they have grandiosity problems. Most have forgotten they are just human beings like you and I. Dr Glynn is an exception. He is human, capable of humility and honesty and a genuinely nice guy from what I can see. Unfortunately he leaves most of it to his house officers who do not pull the weight he has. So i am left hanging in a bed falling apart, watching the hospital ceiling. At least if I break my back or die I won’t be discovered three years later as a skeleton and the medical negligence will be fucking unavoidable because I am “in their care”.

I really thought being in hospital would help but the speed at which some things move is frankly an embarassment. Meanwhile the nurse come round to do blodd pressure readings, washing their hands between patients and using the same blood pressure cuff for the entire ward. How completely fucking stupid is that?

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