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Oh crumbs! I’m losing control of my neck. It has never functioned right but has deteriorated badly in recent weeks. Now, corkscrewed down on itself, doubled back and rolled round to one side, it is starting to hurt a lot.

I’ve smelled of faeces for a few months now as control of everything below my neck has gotten worse and worse and my pelvis is most badly effected. On that score there was good news. The tests kindly done by the Prof I am under at the hospital have proven worthwhile and confirmed what I wrote to him in September about my rectum being prolapsed. I am hoping he has good news for me about the next steps in working out what is wrong or what can be done to help.

On the other hand unfortunately, the MRI scans done this week show some features of what is wrong but seem to miss any good detail in the key areas. The sacrum, which has collapsed, is missing enitirey, god bless their cotton socks. NO doubt the report will be along the lines of  ”Congrats Mr Buddhist all is good and well”, or something of the sort.

I did tell them they wouldn’t understand what is wrong with me without doing three-dimensional scans and they agreed to do that. When I saw they had booked a routine 2D MRI I was gobsmacked. And now based on this they will perhaps, firstly, misunderstand what is wrong with me, and, secondly, use it as reason to continue the policy of doing nothing that is slowly killing me.

To top it all, I learned that tucked away in the basement they have one of those fancy 30 second full body scanners used for all the trauma victims. With that they could have looked at my pelvis in 3d avoiding all the intrusive, yet fruitful, tests I have faced, look at my full skeleton in 3D and get the structural relationship of all these things clear.

Patients do sometimes know what is wrong with them and doctors do sometimes get it wrong. Patients need to be heard and many doctors need to get their noses out of the career gutter.

* in a new policy I have decided not to name and shame hospitals any longer.

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