Denial In The NHS

October 12th, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

Today I was subjected to yet another sad form of denial in the NHS. A test of my diaphragm whereby the phrenic nerve was stimulated, showing scientificly the rate of enervation, and therfore not subject to my psychology was labelled as normal. The results should have shown greater than 7 on the scale for the right side and greater than 8 for the left side. The left was normal reading 8.1 the right averaged 3.5, only 50% of the expected figure.

The chart was on the wall, the numbers were before my eyes, and still the clinician wished to purvey this as a normal result.

I carry injuries sustained in infant rape and have been disabled by the NHS. I have been subjected to medical mistreatment and negligence by two prominent physicians, Dr Joseph Cowan, of the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital Stanmore and Professor Parveen Kumar of the Royal London Hospital Whitechapel.

When are doctors going to stop trying to defend the indefensible actions of their colleagues and start doing the right thing? When is the denial of physical injury sustained in childhood and infant rape going to end? I know I am right in every word I write here and so do the doctors concerned. If they think otherwise I challenge them to pursue me through the courts. The only reason I am not pursuing them yet is that I am focussed on getting the right treatment for my injuries. I will pursue them later and with a vigour which will make them and any colleagues who fail from this moment forward to do the right thing shake in their boots and regret their indefensible actions.

Swift appologies and appropriate healthcare can solve this. Nothing else will. You have dug yourselves into a hole you will regret digging unless you do the right thing now. Be warned I am no fool.

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