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“Do They Screw Their Children?”

January 15th, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

I have often wondered about this “civilisation” of ours. It seems a lie. To civilise means to raise from a barbaric to a civilised state. Western civilisation now dictates the human worlds’ form and function almost totally. In most “developed” nations around 30% of children will be sexually abused in one form or another with something close to 5% being subject to penetrative oral, anal or vaginal rape in their first two or three years of life. These last poor souls are the one’s who go on to fill our drug dens, brothels, prisons and mad houses. In the less “developed” world this also happens and because of western economic dictatorship some 30,0000 kids a day starve or die of curable disease.

It seems to me a good test of “civilisation” is the question “Do they screw their children?”. In every way we fail. We are not civilised, we are barbarians. Enjoy your burger.

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