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Do You Think I Ever Rest? A Poem

January 1st, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

Stumbling from obstacle to obstacle,

Obscuring them with drugs and busyness.

When approached the body locks and

The mind begins to freeze. A

tinkling tingling buzz begins,

An electric frenzy felt as anxiety.

Energy tiggerishness hiding fear

Hiding sadness hiding pain hiding.

Runing. When you can no longer hide from yourself run

Away, reinvent, find a new suit of armour.

Feels like home for a while,

Forgetting, busy being what has become.

Then the questions start again,

Where who what when????

What does this hole inside my whole divide?

This pain of what was done remains,

A Gossamer diaphragm holding.

Breath down below under caved chest,

Do you think, I ever rest?

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