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Doctors Don’t Even Act On What They Know.

October 1st, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Just back from my docs. Showed her the research on All Asian Pregnant Women in the UK needing D3 supplementation. She said she knew about it. I asked if she supplemented her patients. “No”, she replied.

How silly is this? Very – I live in a borough where the largest section of the population, and her patients, are Asian. Also discovered the local hospital Newham General will not do 25 (OHD) serum tests. My Doc’s view: “They assume it isn’t needed”. The opposite is true.

If Newham supplemented – or encouraged self-supplementation – for all members of the Black and Asian communities with appropriate Vitamin D3 supplements (probably 2,00UI/day) the reduction of health costs and improvements in health outcomes would be immense.

50% or greater cut in cancer, diabetes, etc. Just for 14p a day. But no .. “they assume it isn’t needed” even though they know about the research that shows it is.

Newham also has the highest rate of Tuberculosis in the world, apparantly, beating third world countries hands down. I have not researched for links with TB and D3 but given the other proven anti-viral properties such as protecting people from Swine Flu I would be surprised if there is no positive correlation.

Ah … but then the docs wouldn’t get kickbacks from the Pharma industry with all their fantabulously expensive cures. … when all we need is a little sunlight or cheap pill.