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Dr Mike Polkey – Royal Brompton Hospital Update.

November 12th, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

In his letter to the refering physician, dictated 13th October, typed 23rd October and containing facts unknown until 15th October (referring to my official complaint to the hospital), Dr Polkey has backtracked a little from his assertion that it was scientifically sound to take the highest of three values from the phrenic nerve test.

Instead of using the value of 6.1 and saying my diaphragm is normal, he is now using the value of 4.1, achieved on the second mengele-like induced enervation of the diaphragm, and saying my diaphragm “could function normally under certain circumstances”. He failed to elucidate how it is functioning and perhaps why. Oh – of course – that’s because he wasn’t interested, after all he’s only one of the “leading respiritory muscle specialists” in the universe or something like that.

As it was a test of diaphragm function at rest 3.1, the first value achieved after ten minutes of rest, would be most appropriate on a scientific basis. And my diaphragm does not function normally because the whole back right side of my body has died, and the diaphragm is desperately struggling to keep me alive and standing.

I wonder if the glare of publicity and my complaint has made Polkey return to his head a little. In August he described these tests as “absolutely the first” I should do, and that anaesthesia could be “life threatening” because of my diaphragm function – something he changed to “elective tests” when he described them in hospital. In August he saw no point taking a view on my “psychology” but that I certainly had not been properly investigated. Now he has stifled one avenue of investigation that was proving fruitful.

Oh and the funniest thing of all is that if you search Google for Dr Mike Polkey, this site – freedomforall.net – comes out ahead of his CV. And that really has got me laffin … I told him I was a scientist. I’m also adept in the arts, including the art of search engine ranking maximization.

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