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Hi Lynda,

You are right that it is not good to condemn. I am glad I did what I did because I really want people not to propagate or laugh at tsunami jokes. I think it’s too soon after a quarter of a million or so people died to do that.

I am going to urge Edinburgh City District Council to provide more training in appropriate and inappropriate use of computers. It is not the sort of thing anyone should lose their job over and I am sure that will not happen.

Thanks again.



Sent: Friday, January 07, 2005 4:36 PM

Subject: Council joke search

> Hello,


> I think you are a little to quick to condemn that person who searched

> for “tsunami joke”. I just did the same thing and I’ll tell you why.


> On our forum, someone posted a disturbing tsunami joke. He got a lot of

> flack for it, and rightly so. We commented that we were heartened by

> the fact that there didn’t seem to be any of that kind of thing this

> time, as there have been so many other times. He responded that if we

> hadn’t heard any “tsunami jokes” we must live a sheltered life, and that

> they were all over.


> So…I deliberately searched for it on Google. Which is how I found

> your site. I was pleased to find there is just not much out there in

> the way of tasteless humour and am just off now to report my lack of

> findings. Kinda gives me hope for the human race.


> I do agree that our giving to the Red Cross, and other such like

> charities tends to be event driven, but I have vowed to make the same

> donation every New Year to the Red Cross every year, in memory of those

> lost to the tsunami. But they may use it wherever it’s needed.


> So context is everything and motives are not always what they seem.


> If anyone reports me for searching those words, I’ll be happy to explain

> why I did it.


> Lynda

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