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EFF: Indymedia Server Seizures

November 9th, 2004 Leave a comment Go to comments

EFF: Indymedia Server Seizures

The FBI acting in London, England seize the servers of a somewhat anarchic media collective, Indymedia. Should it bother us? Yes it should, because freedom of speech was hard fought for and hard won.

A rather small coterie of power players are setting the agenda, under the banner of the war on terrorism, by which the oppression of hard won rights becomes the norm. This is not drip, drip, this is splash, splash. Your rights are rights, they are not defined by government, YOU are not defined by government. And yet, you are. Government decides what you should learn at school and indoctrinates you into not knowing yourself. Government defines the Psychiatric agenda, by which you become a thought-criminal for trying to know yourself. Government is a bad, bad thing. All round.

People would not need governing if they had not been governed so poorly and for so long. People are naturally, basically good, they are not originally sinners. It is the conditions people suffer that lead them astray, and the chief defining factor in the conditions they suffer is the government of the many by the few. The removal of power from individuals is progressive and pervasive. The fight for freedom and rights needs to win forever. Before the small coterie do.

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