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Election Prediction Update

October 31st, 2004 Leave a comment Go to comments

Happy Halloween

Osama Bin Laden has put on his pumpkin mask and done for George Bush what he could not do for himself: He has scared the American Public into their final act of moral cowardice and stupidity and won the election for Dubya.

Analysis of the Trend graphs I have been studying for the last couple of weeks shows that overnight Bush has become seen as more good and less evil and more likely to win.

The reason is clear: The Safety Graph shows us that Americans, although feeling less secure with either candidate in the last few days, continue to favour Bush in greater numbers. Given that all reasonable analysis points to the opposite, Osama has done George a big favour. It is no wonder that conspiracy theories about the Bush & Bin Laden clans grow and grow: both stand to gain from continued war: it looks like they are in cahoots, whatever the truth.

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